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Right, Ive got 5 children, 15, 13, 8, 4(boys), 4mnths(girl).
Im 29 and had my first son at 13 (day before i was 14). Its not like I am like a chavy person or anything I was well brought up and my first time having sex (which I realise now I was too young) i became pregregnt.
But anyway to the point...
My eldest Gerard, 15, is a smart boy and goes to a well respected school in which is packed with posh children. Since the first PTA meeting which mostly mothers go to, I introduced myself as everyone does when they first go. Them knowing that my son is 15 and Im 29 they did the maths and slowly I was getting more and more dirty looks.
I dont know if they think Im a slut or their jealous that I have 5 beautiful kids and one abosutly gorgeous husband, who Ive been with all my life.

My sons girlfriends mum is my best friend and she is in the slightly same position accept she had her daughter at 16. She gets the whispers and the funny looks aswell but I get them worse. I know to ignore them but it does get you down.

I was just wondering... Is this common??

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Name: lindalu | Date: Nov 4th, 2007 6:37 PM
I had my daughter at the age of 17 I don't remember ever being treated poorly by other mums. If any thing they liked me... always showing respect. I think it was because.... I was so young, Out of all the other mums I was the youngest. 

Name: cjsims | Date: Dec 19th, 2007 4:02 PM
i wouldn't even worry about it. Just cause you made some mistakes 15 years ago, doesnt mean your son is a mistake. You are 29 now, married, etc, etc. They are the ones that should be on here wondering if their behavior is immature...cause it is! 

Name: tattudemomx | Date: Dec 31st, 2007 1:36 AM
Don't tell anyone your age. It might not stop the speculation, but at least they'll wonder and not have their guesses varified. Let them think what they want, i.e. maybe you're older and just look damn good. LOL Make a coy comment if you're asked directly about your age. It's impolite for them to ask in the first place unless you know them pretty well. As for having five kids in general, as long as you and your husband are taking care of them yourselves and not solely depending on the state/welfare/etc to do it for you, I say have as many kids as you want! And don't take that as my being a snob. I understand folks need help sometimes. I just mean that if a person knows their struggling, why bring more children into a rough situation. (I'm not assuming anything about you by these last comments. I just figure some folks may wonder how you feed a large family such as you have.) 

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