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My son is 16 and a good kid. He is shy and is easygoing he is very easy to parent. He loves wood working and building things. So last year was his first year in Vo-tech which he loved and a had lots of friends from diffent shops. My DH and I bought him a old pick up truck last year which he and his friends rebuilt and repainted they did a great job. Last year our school dist line changed from rual to suburan. Which means no Vo-tech. Ds was a little sad a first but hes a go with the flow type. Then two weeks ago ds was told no more taking Pick up truck to School. Then last week I was contacted for meeting with the School. So DH and I went.
First we told that Ds to shy and not to smart. So Dh asked how can we help him. We were told he needs to join clubs at school and also that been carpenter is a job for losers and that Driving his truck was not earth friendly. Well I went off on them. Then I was told That Dh and I live to much in the past. How do I deal with people like this.
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