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In the beginning of November my fiancÚ who I've been with for three years broke up with me because he just wanted to be single. He's always been a very family oriented individual and all of a sudden he's been irresponsible and very unlike himself. Two months ago he wanted a wedding and now he claims he wants to be single. To make matters worse he has been messing around with a woman at work even though he could get fired. Since he has broken up with me he has begged me to come back three times. I just havent been strong enough to make him work for me and to teach him that he can't treat me this way. I know he's confused. I mean he's a twenty one year old with a baby, in a serious relationship and a serious job. Not exactly the typical 21 year old life. I just don't want to wait forever for him to figure it out. I love him to death and the pain to me feels like someone has died. I just don't know what to do. I'm heartbroken.
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