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My mum started smoking again last year after she caught me puffing away in my bedroom. She asked me how long i had been smoking for and i told her about 4 years. She also asked me what made me start smoking and I explained that I tried it at my aunties house after school. My auntie caught me but let me carry on til i had finished then she offered me another 1 and at that moment I knew I wanted to be a smoker.
For the past year she's been smoking on a daily basis with me and even let my younger sister start.
Today she came home and told me she wanted to stop again and that she wanted me and my sister to stop too.
How do I tell her that I don't want to stop smoking without causing problems between us ?
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Name: Cvfd17 | Date: Aug 18th, 2011 8:04 PM
Numer one your mom and aunt were wrong for letting you smoke to begin with! But adults make mistakes! If she admits it was a mistake and tries to do better then u should at least try to stop. Its so bad for u and im saying that as someone who has smoked since i was a kid. Sounds like she let u smoke to be the cool mom and to win u over. U need to discuss that with her. Tell her ull still love her if she is the adult mom instead of the cool mom. No offense by saying adult mom i couldnt think of a better word. Sounds like maybe deep down there are some deeper issues. Talk to her. Develope a good relationship with her. Its much harder to do later in life. Remember she is the mom and though it maybe super hard for her that she can make u quit. Even if just till ur 18. But if shes not willing to do all that to make u quit then out of respect for her and yourself u should try to quit. Give ur little sister something to look up to. 

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