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My nephew,13 years old, has gynecomastia(breast enlargement in boys) and he sometimes gets confused for a topless girl. This is because on top of having this condition, his mother will not let him cut his hair shorter so these two things get him into some trouble. His mom really wanted a girl so she is absolutely fine with it and has even taken advantage of the situation. She used to dress him up like a girl when he was little. He does have some fun with it with his friends though My daughter dressed him up as a girl and he had him dancing around and even made this video yesterday http://video.yahoo.com/watch/7403835/19368149 I am not saying he is totally enjoying this, he does constantly say he would like to be "normal". Sometimes i suspect that his mother had something to do with his breast development since she wanted a girl from the start, but then again, how? but he really is getting into to much trouble, he has even been reported as a topless girl to the police. I am just worried about him, should I even interfere?
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Name: JennyD | Date: Sep 12th, 2012 4:35 PM
Hi Sandy. I am a nurse and I do know a bit about gynecomastia. We have had a few boys in our clinic with this. The good news is that it is almost always temporary and once boys pass thru puberty the breasts get to be normal. In rare cases surgery is necessary.
The bigger problem seems to be how the mother is handling it. I expect he is terribly self conscious and she sounds almost happy over his predicament and perhaps him resembling the girl she wanted.How does she react? I can see trouble with her having wanted a girl and now "thinks" she has one. I have a girlfriend who desperately wanted a girl and had a son that she basically treated like a girl and its caused problems

Is the mother your sister? I am not sure if you can help or "interfere" other than see what the doctor says. Are you close to her? I think the boy needs assurances everything will be ok.
feel free to bounce anything off me and good luck!

Name: CaroleJameson | Date: Sep 15th, 2012 1:58 AM
This sounds very much like my brother and my mother. she definitely did not like the fact that she had a son and treated him just like a girl. I was only too happy to have a little "sister"and between my mom and I he really did not have a chance. he rebelled terribly at about ages seven and eight but my mom persisted and after a couple of years he became much more willing to follow mom's "encouragement"to essentially want to be a girl(I must say those were a couple of difficult years). to make a very long story short Brian began taking testosterone blockers and then estrogen. he is now 12 and he definitely is taking a female shape.
I wonder if your nephews mom is giving him hormones as this would certainly explain the breasts. have you ever talk to her about this?
My brother Brian is now my sister Brianna and mom and I are extremely supportive of Brianna and the three of us have never been more close. when Brianna started her breast development this summer she went from some turmoil to much enthusiasm in being a girl( I expect the estrogen that much to do with this). Brian was always somewhat "pretty"but over the past year she is become absolutely beautiful. of course my mother is ecstatic and I am so happy that Brianna is so happy after some rough years.
it will take much understanding on your nephew on
you and your nephews's mom. I do have an idea of your concern and if you ever went to chat feel free to email me at [email protected] 

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