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hi im new 2 this..ill start at when i realised my son was ashamed of me...i think it was when he was in primary 6 he had the odd friend round 4 tea and i tried 2 make his friends welcome,as a mum i like 2 think im opened minded and i lv a bit of a laugh [well i don,t want 2 b a boring mum]it was then i got ill i was in and outta hospital with crohn,s disease,and i missed my boy so much..i had the big surgery ,got m.r.s.a.then was told my mum had died.i was devasted...all this time i was worrying about how my son was coping at school..i was taken a back a few month,s later when i went 2 the teacher 4 something 1 day,and i asked how he was doing,fine she said.is something wrong..i told her that i had been really ill and that i had lost my mum..that was the first she heard about it.my son never told her that mum got sick and was in hospital..well i brushed it off and tryed 2 get back on my feet and care 4 my dad who i lost 13 month,s later..then i took a stroke all in the middle my son was then at secondry school,i was 2 ill 2 go 2 meeting,s so his dad went..we moved house and i am slowly getting my strengh back..but i have noticed none off my son,s friend,s call 2 the house 4 him he call,4 them.i have never met any off them even though he has had sleep over,s at there home,s he can,t stand 2 look at me when i eat so he wait,s till i have finished then sit,s at the table so he doesnt have 2 watch me eat.if i ask him 2 help me do anything it,s a row..he has no time 4 me ..with all the med,s i have 2 take they have put weight on me..[but im not obese]in a rage off anger has called me fat look at u ur fat.fat.i slapped his face.i was so hurt all the thing,s i have done 4 him and got him he,s take,s 4 granted as if it,s his right he should have them thing,s and not have 2 do any chore,s..he never tell,s me if he has plan,s or where he is gonna b.he,s 15 years old now and 2 b honest i pity the girl that get,s him..i have stopped tidying his room..[i found a really rude dvd]i no boys what 2 no all about them sorta thing,s but this was disgusting..i never said anythig 2 him i spoke 2 his father about it.he discreetly told him 2 get that outta r house and that he is not old enough 2 b watching that.i think i have finnally worked it out.he,s ashamed off me none off his other friend,s mum,s r ill..but i am..he wants me 2 put him through uni.i really don,t have the money never mind the engery.at 1 stage he said he was joining the army just 2 get away from me.he no,s i would worry my self sick about him..right now im doing what i have 2 do till he is 18..and responable 4 himself..i told him then ur on ur own we,ll c how well the big bad world treat,s him when he has 2 look after himself..mayb then he,ll realise mum was,nt that bad after all..by then i really don,t think ill care..i never thought i would ,ve said something like that when he was a baby,but now ive been so hurt by his mood,s and anger ill b glad if he move,s out.....
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Name: Geertje1971 | Date: Sep 29th, 2011 6:34 AM
when you got sick, have you ever at one moment talked with your son about it?
have you ever explained at some point what was wrong with you?
Did you askes about His feelings about you sickness?
It looks to me that your son doesnt understand what toll it takes from you all of this.
For example: In my family were used to involve our kids if someone in the family is suffering from somekind of dissease.
No mather how old the are.
And we tell them stuf at there own level.
I think your sickness and your sons hormones are to much for him.
Maybe he's better of with a shrink perhaps.

I wish you the very best in this difficult time.
if you want you can contact me trough facebook at Geertje Peterson. 

Name: lisaahe | Date: May 16th, 2012 2:58 AM
i have a daughter like that im a single parent ahe was only talking to her father on the phone and they both was doing that to me i had enough she called me a cunt i was like ya ok i took the phone away compter and shut off the cable i didnt ground her this time i made her cook for her self and eat at the table then i made her go to church and youth groups then i made her go to shelter to help out and i got her a big sister and go into family councing she did it and still doing it all it been 3 mos 

Name: heather-mummy-to-be | Date: May 22nd, 2012 8:43 PM
I am new 2 and expecting my 2nd in 3 days. My teenage son hates looking and is always nasty to me, even though you can't wait till he moves out I couldn't stand how much i miss him now as he is at universty but still i shall hopefully see him next friday when he comes home!!!! 

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