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My 14 year old son is very disrespectful and controlling. He doesnt ask permission to do anything and if he doesn't get his way he says, "Don't make me mad." I take this as a threat. I try to talk to him about his actions and he doesn't want to talk. He gets up and walks away. He doesn't want to do anything with me and his siblings. The only "activities" he participates in are playing for hours on my computer and occasionally going to one friends house. I don't even have control over my own television or what food to eat. I know I have let this happen and am asking ... what steps do I take to start getting him to be the child instead of the parent? (I am a single mother and he's always acted this way) I'm desperate for peace in my home. Thanks
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Name: arts | Date: Jul 9th, 2011 8:37 PM
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Name: Cvfd17 | Date: Aug 18th, 2011 7:19 PM
Try getting a councelor involved. He may have a drug problem or something making him so angry and disrepectful. Do u have any male friends or relatives that can step in and help? My friend was going through this and my husband (ex cop) stepped in (he was asked to) and straightened the kid out. Not physically of course but more of a scared straight program. Do they have one of those where u live? Ask ur sons school councelor for help also they may have some good advice. If it is drugs or anything you need to find out because once they are 18 u cant get them the help they need. Give ur son no privacy. Tell him he has to earn it. Go through his stuff and computer and phone. It may give u clues as to whats going on. Read notes btween he and his friends. I had to do this with my 17 year old step daughter and was shocked at the results. Shes a straight A student and on the surface the perfect child. Well they can fool u real easy. I found out she was stealing. I am still in shock! 

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