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Hey! What sort of shoes do you and your family plan to rock this winter season? Do you switch up your footwear with the seasons? I find that I'm usually looking for a more durable shoe in the wintertime, definitely something that's slip-proof for when there's ice on the ground!

I ask because I'm working with Lugz, innovators in urban footwear, helping to get the word out about their new "Elite" collection of boots. "The Elite" collection features five unique designs that are suitable for the workplace, yet stylish enough for the street, with attention given to detailed seams and industrial grommets. Each shoe is built to last, using quality materials and sturdy craftsmanship that won't quit, even under pressure including proven non-slip grip. Best of all, each boot has a cushioned insole and padded leather tongue, ensuring comfort throughout a long day's work.

What do you guys think? For more info, you can out our social media release below. Or if you're interested in shoe sales, or even the chance to win a free pair of boots, check out the Lugz Facebook page! Thanks :)
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