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I am 55 and a mom to 4 sons. I share custody of the youngest with my ex. I have been single for 5 years and just began dating 18 months ago. I have gone out a fair amount but have kept the dates a secret or very discrete. I have rarely had sex with any of these men.

I recently met someone with whom I am very interested in pursuing a relationship. Last night he came over to my home after our date and while we were having sex my 17 year old, who was supposed to be at his dad's house for the night, came into the house, heard us and yelled for us to stop. We were in my bedroom so my date dressed and left immediately and my son is so angry he will not speak to me. I just could use some advice in handling this.
1. I do not sleep around. I have had very little sexual contact in 5 years.
2. I am interested in a long term relationship with this man and my son is aware of that.
3. I would never have had sex in my own home if I expected my son to be there.
4. My son knew I was out on a date with that man, saw his car in the driveway and saw the lights were not on.
5. I recognize that my son is very uncomfortable thinking about his mom as a sexual being.
6. My son and I have had an very, very close relationship and enjoy many family activities together which, for the past year, have also included his girlfriend.

Now what do I do?
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