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I don't have other mothers to talk with right now so wanted some feedback about what most of you do in the morning as far as feeding the teenagers.

I make sure they have a wide variety of food in the morning to choose from but during the week I usually let them get their own breakfast. Will cook breakfast on the weekends periodically. Many of my attempts to make them breakfast during the week remain uneaten.

My husband thinks I should be making them breakfast every morning but I really feel with the hectic pace of morning it's more convenient for everyone to grab their own.

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Name: ilovemykid | Date: Mar 2nd, 2012 9:47 PM
My husband or I will usually fix her something because like most teenagers she wants to sleep as late as possible. We have things like cereal, bagel, breakfast Hot Pockets etc. Things that don't take that long. Occasionally when my husband can head to work late, he will scramble an egg. She's gone all day because she has a lot of after school activities, so I at least want her to have a good breakfast. But I know, it can be very hectic in the morning. By the way, my husband thinks she should be making her own. :-) 

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