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My 17 year old step daughter has been stealing from me since she was nine. I always suspected it but didnt know for sure until my 13 year old step son wrote me a confession last saturday about them both. He realized how wrong it was and asked for my forgiveness. He also said it was tearing him up inside and didnt want his half brothers to think bad of him. I forgave him fully and knew it was sincere. I even feel i can trust him better now then before i knew it for sure. He is bringing everything back and replacing what he cant. His sister was caught too and her mom went through her roim but didnt know what wasnt hers. She now wont speak to us and she turns 18 soon and im scared we ve lost her forever and that she wont learn her lesson til she goes to jail one day. Shes a great kid other then that. Straight As full scholarship etc etc. I dont want her to throw that all away. But if she never visits again we cant talk it out. Any advice
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