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i have 3 children of my own, 6 month old daughter, 5 year old son, and 2 year old son. my boyfriend has a 15 year old son who is going through alot right now. he seems to get really upset and mad when the boys come home from their dads. i'm having a hard time dealing w/ his attitude toward my boys. i need some tips and advice please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Name: youngman | Date: Jan 5th, 2008 10:36 PM
Hartc2747 want does your 15 year old call your boys. Does he call them brothers or by thier names. What I am asking is has he accepted them as family. If not you need to extremely careful. A trouble teen is always dangerous in a non friendly environment. My first suggestion would be to meet his friends. Invite them to movies and the house. You would be amazed at how much you can learn from other kids about your kid at a dinner table or Ci Ci pizza. This kid probably feel isolated. No one to talk too. Make that person you. But remember until he takes account of his siblings in his mind, they are just other people to him. no relationship what so ever. 

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