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i am a teen as a freshmen i dont belive in stariotipical but just to clarify somthing i am feed up to here with meh mom and her resons that i shouldnt were black yep i am the type of person that you may call emo or goth but really i am not miusic or a type of arcutexter i am myself and tied of all the fucking people trying to change me my step mom said she fears for me because i dont were enough color and dont act like a girl she also sad i should stop cutting when in trueth she is the only one cutting yep she cuts out my heart and throughs my mind on a molding palat but in all truth i cut because it is my way of showing that i am not afraid showing i want to feel i hate the scares but i hate the numbness i fell also i hat the way all my conslers ask why i feel how i do DUUHHHHH ITS BECAUSE OF YOU i meen i dont get payed a cupple thousand to ask how you feel so just go screw you self also to all the moms out there who wanna be like meh mom well go ahead but the truth is is you grip sand to harsh is leaves your hand fast were if you just let it sit in your palm it could be there untill you die or untill the wind picks up to spread its beauty every were so ya if you think i am screwed up i think its you who needs to walk ion my shoes then you to whould be screwed up
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Name: darkness_ninja | Date: Dec 24th, 2007 2:19 AM
god dose no one have an opinion i mean its been 3 days god 

Name: .RoSey. | Date: Dec 27th, 2007 9:10 PM
I think you need to stay in school and learn how to spell...... 

Name: tattudemomx | Date: Dec 31st, 2007 1:29 AM
Ditto what Rosey said. No one will take you seriously (in a written format) if you don't even bother to use punctuation, much less spell anything right. I happen to be someone who doesn't condemn "emo" kids who are genuine. I only dislike the ones who do the weird dress/music/etc as a style to be cool. Otherwise, for those teens who really feel things deeply and/or are depressed, I can relate, as I was that teen way back when. At least, nowadays, you can talk about your feelings openly. 

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