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My daughter has had a boy who has been "in love" (loosely termed) with her since she was thirteen years old. She is now seventeen and he is eighteen. She hates him, he is a liar and has spread rumors around the school, town, everywhere about her...she has refused to even talk to him for years finally the whole family moved away...now they are back. It is her senior year...it is a small school and he is the biggest asshole of a kid I have ever met. He is conceited, vindictive and possessive and cannot get it through his thick head that she does not now, nor will she ever like him. Many of her friends think that she likes him because he is supposedly a great catch. On the outside.....but she knows how crazy he has been following her around, texting her, calling her (we've changed her number several times)I am truly worried for her safety. He is a manipulator and a controller and nobody seems to understand how damaging this has been to her. He makes random sexual innuendos about her constantly to her friends, stating that they did this or that...I don't even want to write her what he has said about her. He is an arrogant ass and while I don't wish him harm, he needs to leave her alone. What should we do? Ignoring doesn't seem to help and he never does enough "stalking" to actually break the law, just stares at her and the like.
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Name: David_82 | Date: Oct 17th, 2007 4:16 PM
I think you should handle this the way you do with a bully you stand up to them and they shutup. but your duaghter seems to have done that so now you do it you threaten the child, you inform his mum, you make sure this child is punished, get a restraining order, report him to the police, tell him if he even blinks in ur duaghter direction you will make sure he will never get an erection again ;D have a good day 

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