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yes i have been thru something like you...im only 15 been thru 2 pregnancies..i lost my son at 20 weeks he was healthy in my womb..i lost him 2 PROM..it hurts so bad because he was all the hope i had all that i lived for..i know im young but love is love so please dont judge..i pushed him out i felt him touch my leg i heard him gasp 4 air and i couldnt do anything to help him..i lost him 2 days ago and want to try again to get him back...am i wrong for wanting another? am i wrong to try to feel a void into my heart?

mommy and daddy love you so much
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Name: Cvfd17 | Date: Aug 19th, 2011 4:13 AM
This must be really hard for you. I cant tell u that i know how you feel because i dont. My husband (with first wife) lost a child right after birth and my best friend lost her two year old. It was and still is very hard for them. I promise i am not and will not judge. From a medical stand point your body might not be ready to give birth yet. I am sure one day when u are physically ready you will have one. From a different view and i hope i dont offend and i dont know your beliefs but God may not feel you are ready yet and when you are he will bless you with a child. I wouldnt try too soon because you could physically damage yourself and cause yourself to never be able to have kids. I will pray for you and i hope you are ok. You may need to talk to a concelor or trusted friend. This could seriously depress you. Sweety i hope everything works out and please get help. Whether you think you need to or not. It will make you feel better. This is too hard to go through alone. 

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