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I responded to a post today under Due Dates entitled Young Girls And Pregnancy. The poster was in my opinion, rightly concerned about the sheer number of teens on this site who at 12, 13 and 14 are pregnant. She suggested we offer advice to teens. I was surprised by the responses as most simply agreed that this is a problem and/or condemned teens for having sex. As a mother and advocate of preparedness through knowledge, I responded that whether we like it or not, kids will experiment with their sexuality, so aside from advising them to simply not do, we need to inform them on safe practises in the event they choose to have sex or sexual contact. I also provided information as I know it on safe sex practises. I believe that regardless of age, sexual experimentation of some sort or another will happen during one's lifetime, whether it be as a young teen or a newlywed. I would like to know if you have, and at what age, along with how much information, you have provided your children to prepare them for the wonders and the dangers of sex.
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Name: Lavender | Date: Feb 21st, 2006 2:46 AM
I very much agree with you, i am newly out of my teen years and i remember finding sex education class very relieving and informative of course with friends i laughed and joked but secretly i valued my notes! I also visited a planned parenthood and in junior high the teachers had three women who'd had early teen pregnancies come talk to us. One had an STD it was eye opening to see people like you in everyday life have or go through things you are learning about. Right now i do not have sex and i am focused in school and work and careful in my relationship about my boyfriend knowing that sex is not something to be taken lightly when unmarried and young. My boyfriend is very understanding but his school and parents were like mine, very into educating him about sex. I think it is a good thing and to parents that don't i went in two different highschools on opposite ends from of the USA between the 10th and 12th grades and one thing i noticed all teens talked about was sex, who was having it, who wasn't, what it involved, who knew the most about it. The ones most curious and asking the most questions were the ones whose parent's refused to talk to them about it or let them take sex ed. Think about it...who do u want your kids to get information from? YOu and trustworthy sex education groups or thier friends? they get it one way or the other so it might as well be you. i love and respect my mother all the more because she and my dad always answered my questions honestly and never brushed things under the carpet when the topic of sex came up. A lot of kids were envious of my relationship with my mom because of this they didn't get info from thier parents or their parents wouldn't let them get it from somewhere else so i felt sorry for them and still do 

Name: andisayyid | Date: Jul 26th, 2013 7:09 PM

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