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Hello! I have a 5 month old german shepard mix that we got when he was only 7-8 wees old. He was raised outside with his parents and siblings and has never set foot in a house until we brought him home. He had also never seen a vet. we took him to a vet the week we got him to find out that he has some kind of intestinal problem. We got that cleared up an also got him dewormed (twice). He was having LOTS of accidents (stool) because of this problem. It is now 2 months later and he still goes to the bathroom in our house. he doesnt think twce about squatting on the floor, poop or pee. we take him out regularly, walk him and have him on a times eating schedule. We have talked to the vet multiple times about his potty issues also. We tried a crate, but he still messes in there. and he doesnt care either. he plays in it and sometimes eats it. I decided that the crate was not a good idea. i am getting tired of bathing him. We are now putting him in our basement. I figured if he has room to roam then he wouldnt go into his own messes and get dirty. He still does. He eats it still and even though he may poop 1 or 2 times before bed, there are still atleast 4-5 piles of poop in the morning. Im getting frustrated with him and i dont want to. he is a VERY good dog otherwise. Does ANYONE have any advise?? He is just a pooping machine and i dont know how he can go so much when he doesnt eat much at all!! He is on special food, Iams, which is he 3rd food we have tried. (BC vet recommended it) i just dont think it is very sanitary. Any ideas will be heard! Thank you so much!!
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