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Name: Elizabeth
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I have a two month old pitbull/boxer mix. Any advice on training, having around kids, other company, etc.
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Name: Kathy | Date: Oct 17th, 2005 7:11 AM
I have had a couple boxers in my life...they are my favorite dogs...but they are incredibly hyper...my sister has a lab/pit bull and he is hyper as well...these types of dogs seem to stay puppies until they are 3-4 years old even they grow bigger...I was never a person to put dogs in kennels but I found out that was the easiest way to train my boxers...that way they feel like that is their own little space, also it will give them a place to go if they won't settle down and listen to you and also if you have company...my boxers were always excited to see new people at the house so sometimes it was a nightmare to try to get them settled down. I rescued both of my boxers from the Humane Society and they were both about a year old, and they learned the basics fairly easy...they are very smart dogs...but I would definately advise training now...be persistant...don't let them get away with being bad even once...if they are bad put them in their kennel for 15 minutes and then let them out until they do something bad again...I don't know if you are planning on kenneling them at night or when you aren't home, that is up to you and also how the dog reacts when he is left alone...my first boxer I trained to kennel both when we left and at night, my second I had to kennel her when we weren't in the house...She felt left out if everyone was gone and she was left in the house, and then she would find something to destroy...both my boxers were awesome with my kids...they range in ages 13, 11, and a set of twins that are 5...I got my first boxer when the twins were two and he was great with them even then...just remember not to let them jump on you...they dont see a difference between the size of a child or a linebacker...I am sorry that I have rambled on, hope this might be of some help to you 

Name: martha | Date: Nov 26th, 2005 12:21 AM
i have 2 pitbull/boxer. they r beatuful. 

Name: Jennifer | Date: Nov 27th, 2005 1:41 AM
I Plan on getting a pitbull/boxer mixed pup, I should get it by the end of Jan. I'd really like some advice on these dogs. I love all animals so I dont think Ill have a problem. Also if yall would let me know how much these puppies usually sale for it would be GREAT!! thanks Email me at [email protected] 

Name: whitney | Date: Dec 4th, 2005 1:56 AM
I have always wanted a pit/boxer mix and for cristmas my mom said i could have one for like $150 but was wandering what anyone was wanting for one.i want to take the respocibility of a dog since i just turned ten.
thank you all,whitney
p.s. email me at ([email protected]

Name: Juice | Date: Dec 5th, 2005 1:23 PM
yo Audra, I would like to have one of your pit/boxer mixes. I have been looking for one so long but i couldnt find anyone they had any. So can u please get back in touch with me . U can email me at [email protected]. Or reply i will keep checking on this site, for your request. Thank uso much. 

Name: William | Date: Dec 5th, 2005 1:26 PM
whitney, Yes i would love to have one of the pit/boxer. Can u please email me back on [email protected]. Please keep in touch with me, I would love to have one. 

Name: D | Date: Dec 5th, 2005 9:48 PM
To Justine-
That is quite an ignorant comment. Putting a big chain on it's neck is NOT the way to make it strong or train it. Honestly, do some research. Your advice is a contributing reason why the bulldogs have such a horrible reputation. I have a 9-wk old Bulldog (Pitt) and could never imagine putting a chain on her nexk, ever! I also have a 2-yr old who is a love, he listens better than any dog we have ever had, he is better trained than most dogs I have seen. Show them love and be stern and consistent.

Best of luck with you new puppy. Pitbulls and Boxers are both supposed to be excellent with children. Just show them love and consistent training...please don't shove them outside attached to a huge chain. 

Name: Minnie | Date: Dec 7th, 2005 9:21 PM
I have also been looking for a boxer pitbull mix. I seem to be running into walls. Can I have pics of the ones that anyone has for sale. Please email at [email protected]. Thank you in advance. 

Name: Harley | Date: Dec 8th, 2005 9:55 PM
how long does the moma boxer have a bloody discharge after giving birth.
thank you 

Name: Karen | Date: Dec 13th, 2005 11:05 PM
Well same here im geting my boxer mixed with pitbill and im worryed how im getting a puppy. well dont waste your time on doing stupid stuff trsin hi n your own ayle 

Name: Karen | Date: Dec 13th, 2005 11:10 PM
Hey gurl welll my front door neighbor is giving us one the mom is a white pitbull and the dad is a brown boxer i cant wait till they have their pupppys by januaury im getting it it will be a one month old so people who want free boxer [email protected] 

Name: monique | Date: Dec 14th, 2005 1:59 AM
I have two boxer/pit's their just a little over a year. For the most part they love other animals and the love to play with other dogs. They have never really been around little kids. Their really curious dogs they love to explore new things. I never considered them hyper dogs although we do have acreage. I never even had to leash train them. They will not leave my side. For the most part they are really good listeners. They will always run to me as soon as they hear my voice. Their my most favorite dog's that Iv'e had! They have great personalities 

Name: curious | Date: Dec 14th, 2005 5:21 PM
I think pitbulls are one of the most beautiful breeds out there, but I too like so many others just have the fear of the unpredictable nature they seem to be linked with. It didnt help that I just saw a story on our local news about a woman whos dog attacked her face while she was sleeping and ripped her nose off. (it was a pitbull)The dog had never been aggressive before and it was a loved family pet that would always sleep with her. They were a younger couple. Anyways the dog was put down. It just seems that no matter how good you train them and take care of them they just have that in their blood, to attack. But then again I guess that could happen with any breed really. I used to have 2 dalmations, beautiful dogs but wow were they hyper and not to mention horrible with kids. They would snap at any kid that would go near them. We had to give them away when we had our first baby. We just didnt trust them around him. Even though I really do beleive they are a gorgeous breed(pitbulls) I dont think I would ever opt to own one. 

Name: Brian | Date: Dec 19th, 2005 11:09 PM
If your pet loves treats, you can train your dog by holding a treat in your hand [ hot dog, dog treat, dogfood peices]and then letting your dog smell your treat. For sit you bring it over the head and to the back. Say "good dog" and give it the treat. For lay, you get another treat and bring it on the side it's head to the tail.Then it should lay. Give it the treat and then praise your dog. For roll over get the last treat and get it in a laying position and bring the treat around the belly so it has rolled over at last. Now that your dog has learned all basic obeidence tricks you can go on to intermeidiet training. These directions worked for me and I am sure it will work for you. 

Name: hannah | Date: Dec 19th, 2005 11:12 PM
boxer mixes are somtimes wild. 

Name: marcus | Date: Dec 21st, 2005 11:00 PM
Well, I must add my two cents. I have a pit/boxer mix. He is 6 years old. I have owned 2 other boxers in the past. One thing that I noticed about the boxer/pit is that he is very smart. I recieved the dog at 8 weeks old and he was house broken within two weeks. The only problem I had with him was the chewing on everything he could wrap his mouth around. After a little tuff love he realized what was his to chew and what wasnt.
I hope everyone who gets one enjoys them as much as I have enjoyed Caine. 

Name: Roy Spires | Date: Jan 2nd, 2006 1:41 AM
I have just had a liter of Pit/Boxer pups yesterday, there are 7 in all and they'll be ready to go to new homes in about 6 weeks, I'm in the Dallas TX area if anyone is interested in these wonderfull lil puppies :-) 

Name: Roy Spires | Date: Jan 2nd, 2006 1:46 AM
Response to "Curious" That incident involving the Pit that pit a womans face while she was sleeping---as it turned out the Woman had actually stopped breathing as a result of a drug overdose that was likely a suicide attempt..... its very likely that the dog saved her life.........In any case it is VERY much against any dogs nature to attack things that are not perceptable as a threat, such a sleeping person, That incident was the first time I had ever heard of a domestic dog attack on someone that was sleeping, and I was immediately suspicious upon reading the article........ 

Name: sarah | Date: Jan 4th, 2006 2:50 PM
can any1 tell me if boxers are gd with children because im thinking of getting a boxer but ive got a three year old son and hes goin 2 be 4 in april but he is a bit hyper would the boxer ever harm my son if it was hyper 

Name: Trina | Date: Jan 7th, 2006 8:11 PM
Don't spank your boxer-pit mix, it make it not want to protect you when it grows up because it will fear you instead of respect you. Use a pet carrier as a form of punishment, but DON'T scold it while its inside the box, because (if it is an inside dog) it will become scared of it and won't be able to use it as a bed or "down time". Good luck, you'll enjoy the affectionate new member of the family! 

Name: jordan kearns | Date: Jan 10th, 2006 6:42 PM
hi kathy 

Name: Kim | Date: Jan 15th, 2006 11:59 PM
My family and I just got a Boxer/American Pitbull Terrier mix and he is absolutely beautiful. He is so spunky and gets along great with all of us. He loves my children (8 & 12). We actually adopted him from the Humane League. They said they don't normally get this mix in they usually get Pits in. We were so excited to find him and they were able to let us know about his mother and father. It was great. I would recommend adopting from the Humane League anytime! We paid $156.50 for him. 

Name: Kimberly | Date: Jan 16th, 2006 12:21 AM
~~ Roy Spires ~~ I do have someone very interested in one of your pups. We live in Tulsa, OK so it would not be hard for us to make that trip. We just got a pit/boxer mix that is black and white. I LOVE my baby , and we get more comments and compliments on him than ever. People stop us all the time to ask about him. ( Roy, if you could send me more info that would be great [email protected] ) thanks.. Does anyone know if any websites on pit/boxer mixes. I can't find any with pics or info. 

Name: brandon | Date: Jan 16th, 2006 11:08 PM
yes you need to famileize your little one with the dog rember that your kid needs to hold the alfa role go to a book store and get a couple books too and get to know your pooch . 

Name: Jeremy Guion | Date: Jan 18th, 2006 1:43 AM
I am looking for a American Pit Bull , or something that is in that family 

Name: cody | Date: Jan 19th, 2006 6:39 PM
how much is a red nose white pitbull 

Name: Scott Secker | Date: Jan 20th, 2006 3:47 AM
Hi Elizabeth,
I really want a Pit mix and a Pit/Boxer sound outstanding.. I'm a U.S. Marine and just made a move from Hawaii, but I had to leave my wife there.(shes a Marine 2).. And the house that I'm in right now is lonely, its just me.. I need a dog but around here there anit to much to pick from.. Soo if you can help me please get back to me ... Thankz 

Name: cheri | Date: Jan 21st, 2006 5:28 PM
I just got a boxer puppy he is 9 weeks old I notice he breaths hard and snores is that normal. or should i get him to vet. 

Name: chad | Date: Jan 22nd, 2006 11:50 PM
just had boxer/pit puppies,by mistake. I am willing to give away for free. contact me at [email protected] 

Name: elistabeth | Date: Jan 27th, 2006 8:55 PM
Number 1 lesson I learned with my rott/ pit cross is with food. Never feed from your plate when you are eating, no matter how much they whine at you. If you do want to give them scraps, it must be when you have completely finished, preferably when you take your plate to the sink. When you give your dog its dinner, when it has had enough, immediately remove the bowl from the floor. This teaches the dog that you are the boss, and he will eat only when you say. It will save any domination issues later on. Another important theing is, when you come through the door after being out, if your dog jumps up you, cross your arms and turn your back. Do not even acknowledge your dogs presence until it has completely calmed down (And that means after several minutes of not jumping up you) Then you can call your dog to you and fuss him. This teaches your dog that he does not command when he gets attention, you are the boss, and you will let him know when he can have your attention. Its heartbreaking at first, I cracked many times, but each time the dog wins, its back to square 1. The dog will quickly learn, its easier to be patient. Also you cannot go wrong by giving treats immediately when the dog does something right. It doesn't always have to be a snack. Fuss is just as rewarding. 

Name: elistabeth | Date: Jan 27th, 2006 9:47 PM
Another thing I forgot to mention, if you give your dog bones or things to chew on, encourage them to be eaten in close proximity to you and your children. My dog regularly brings bones to the children wanting them to hold them for him while he chews! When we first had him (he was five months, unhousetrained, underweight, never been walked, with no manners whatsoever) he did occasionally growl at the children if they go too close to his bone. (Understandably he was just insecure) It was immediately taken off him and he was given a stern look and a "no" Later on,one of the children would give him it back. He quickly learned that they were not any threat to his bone. However loving your dog may be with the children, there will be times when he wants to be left alone, and children should respect that. If you sense your dog is getting fed up with your kids attention, encourage him to leave the area and provide somewhere he can go where he won't get bothered. An experienced dog owner should be able to control their dog just using their tone of voice and facial expression. If you look into your dogs eyes and he growls or stares you out, he is challenging your authority and this is a big a big no no, and you will need to take steps to gain control. A dog who understands his rank in the household, will not keep eye contact with you for long. Especially if you're sporting a mean facial expression.
If you are using a cage, theory has it that a dog doesn't like to soil in its sleeping/eating area, so as soon as the dog comes out of the cage, pop him outside / onto paper or whatever you do, and really praise him if he 'performs'. Gradually increase the dogs time in the cage (within reason) so he learns to hold his bladder longer. Never shout if he soils in the house, they're no different to children, and dogs learn much quicker if you praise the good behaviour instead. Good luck,and I hope you find your dog as rewarding as my hubby and I find ours. (Rott/ pit cross and presa canario) 

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