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I have had a couple boxers in my life...they are my favorite dogs...but they are incredibly hyper...my sister has a lab/pit bull and he is hyper as well...these types of dogs seem to stay puppies until they are 3-4 years old even they grow bigger...I was never a person to put dogs in kennels but I found out that was the easiest way to train my boxers...that way they feel like that is their own little space, also it will give them a place to go if they won't settle down and listen to you and also if you have company...my boxers were always excited to see new people at the house so sometimes it was a nightmare to try to get them settled down. I rescued both of my boxers from the Humane Society and they were both about a year old, and they learned the basics fairly easy...they are very smart dogs...but I would definately advise training now...be persistant...don't let them get away with being bad even once...if they are bad put them in their kennel for 15 minutes and then let them out until they do something bad again...I don't know if you are planning on kenneling them at night or when you aren't home, that is up to you and also how the dog reacts when he is left alone...my first boxer I trained to kennel both when we left and at night, my second I had to kennel her when we weren't in the house...She felt left out if everyone was gone and she was left in the house, and then she would find something to destroy...both my boxers were awesome with my kids...they range in ages 13, 11, and a set of twins that are 5...I got my first boxer when the twins were two and he was great with them even then...just remember not to let them jump on you...they dont see a difference between the size of a child or a linebacker...I am sorry that I have rambled on, hope this might be of some help to you ↑
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