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Yay! I am just so happy that I wanted to share this & hope it makes other expectant moms less worried!

My baby girlie was born May 17. so she's now just over 3 months. I was really concerned about our cat and how she would react... my cat has always been VERY exciteable, frisky and playful, as well as very spoiled and demanding. So I was sure that adjusting to Baby would be really hard for her.

BUT I am happy to say that everything turned out great! Not only did kitty not try to hiss or act mean, she sat right next to my Baby and still does. She sniffs curiously and even rubs her head on Baby's feet (when in bouncer). Kitty also seems to have changed into a more patient, quiet cat overnight! It was as if she understood right away how precious this baby was, and that she should be on her best and softest behavior.

Anyways... it amazed me so much, just wanted to let yall know that it seems cats & babies can really work out :) Not sure if all cats would be like that... but good luck to anyone else with cats!
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