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Name: LovingLauren
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Well, i remember saying that a dog a pet sit had passed away. His name was Beau.
Well....now my best friend is getting another dog for christmas, they've already picked him out. He is just a cute little puppy, but they cant take him home till about Jan. 18.
And, Petsmart and adv. like crazy what to get your pet for christmas...and im REALLY missing Chloe.
Like sometimes i just kinda get ot thinkin and i end up crying.......
I really really want her back....so much that it KILLS me.
I dont want any dog..i want HER. I miss her SO much....she was my BABY ...
and my family wont be getting a dog ever again soo......as soon as im out of college im getting a dog.
And next time i'll no to give it more time.
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Name: Selena Gomez | Date: Feb 7th, 2012 7:44 PM
how sweet i feel sorry for you it must kill you so aww you poor thing 

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