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I don't know what to do. I mean I'm not totally new to having rats, but I am new to actually having to take care of them by myself. Anyway, my older rat , Lillian ( I think 3 or 5 months old), is being a little mean to my newer rat, Bestat ( I think she's 3 weeks old maybe 6, my friends bought her for me from they're breeder), Bestat is trying to get under Lillian's legs, than Lillian will kick her and run way. Is that normal? Also Lillian seems a little stand offish to Bestat, but Bestat just seems like she just wants to cuddle. Lillian also just steps all over Bestat, is that normal? I've also done the whole introducing thing (like putting them both in the bathtub) and they were perfectly fine.
I have a cage fit for 2, I have a huge water bottle, a wheel, and a house.
Oh and Lillian (the older one) won't stop chewing on the bars of her cage what can I do? She doesn't seem to like to chew on anything else that I give her.
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