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I have a 1 yr old rednose pit named Mia. She is very jealous and protective dog. My mom and my husbands mom feel that the dog is not going to be good with the baby. What I really want to know is how am I supposed to let her know that there is baby coming and before she comes know that the dog is going to be ok around the baby please i need major help????
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Name: mrszlopez | Date: Aug 1st, 2008 5:00 AM
when the baby comes, before introducing them; give the dog a blanket or something that had been in the babies cradle. someting with the babies scent on it. ive always heard that if they get used to the babies scent, they would be okay. not sure how true it is. and of course, dont ignore the dog or make her feel unimportant or ignored or abandoned when the babie comes. 

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