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My cat needs surgery to remove a lump from his stomach. They think that it is a tumor but dont know if it cancerous or not. The surgery is $500

We are not sure if this surgery will save its life or if he will need more surgeries. He is a 3 year old tabby cat and is my first pet.

we already had to pay $300 to get an abcess removed about 6 months ago. my husband told me it is up to me if I want to do this or not. He loves our cat too but we are saving up for a house and dont really have any extra money.

If I knew it would save his life and he would be with us for many more years I would do it in a minute. But this $500 might just be the beginning.

Anybody have any advice on what they would do
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Name: Christina | Date: Feb 25th, 2006 9:19 PM
Well sweetie, if it were me, I'd go for the surgery. I have 2 inside only cats, 12 and 3 years old. Plus I have an outside cat that adopted us. He got sick one weekend and I had to take him to the emergency vets. It cost me over $200. That was just for some tests and to give him some over priced antibiotics. There is a credit card that you can get and it covers vet bills. But if you have money saved up then I would just pay it off and get it over with, without having to pay interest too. This decision can only be made by you. Good luck. 

Name: Avvi | Date: Feb 26th, 2006 2:48 AM
i think you should go for the surgery this is a life your comparing to a heap of bricks that is gonna take u ages to save up anyway so y dont u giv ur cat a chance and save its life ! 

Name: lili | Date: Feb 26th, 2006 9:01 PM
I too think you should give him the surgery. If it was something terminal like cancer, that would be a different story but it is not.
My cat had kidney stones a few years ago and my husband was laid off at the time, we still had the surgery, the vet let us pay off in installments. We see him as part of our family and my kids love him. He is 10 years old, a senior citizen now! 

Name: tooshy | Date: Mar 13th, 2006 7:57 PM
i am having somewhat of a similar situation. I have absolutely no spare money, my cat has a blockage in his urethra which can cost up to about $800, except my husband is not an animal lover and is fed up with spending so much money on them. Last year it cost me over a thousand dollars for my other cat. He wants to get our cat put to sleep now and I am just so torn up about it. 

Name: no name | Date: Mar 16th, 2006 8:57 PM
i think the pet is o.k 

Name: animal lover | Date: Apr 13th, 2006 4:06 AM
go for the surgery. i think a family member is more important than a house! and have hope. i will pray for you =-) 

Name: Lisa | Date: Apr 17th, 2006 11:02 PM
Gosh,I really feel for you.I have a cat who I love dearly and have had for 10 years as an indoor cat but if she ever needed surgery for $500,it would break my heart but I would have to put her to sleep instead because theres no way I could afford to spend that kind of money on her.We are low income and theres just no way I could fork out money like that on a cat.I do love her but still,shes a cat.I would not pay out money I didnt have for her.I guess just go with what your instincts tell you.I feel pretty lucky though because my cats been healthy for 10 years now. The only thing I did for her was had her spayed but that was only because at that time I had a credit card to put it on and she was driving us nuts with her howling!That and she was rubbing all over everyone who came in the house! Go with your gut.At 3 years old I would say shes/hes got lots of life but not necessarily since this would be already a second procedure.You could be in for a long line of bills.Think on it and go with your gut. 

Name: Carys | Date: Apr 18th, 2006 4:25 PM
If oyu love your pet, Money wouldn't be a issue. Pets are like humans, or example, If your child had this problem would you Give the money even if there may be the off chance that more money may come into it? even if it saves your childs life? I'm sorry if i'm being Tactless but this is the best advice i can give. 

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