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see the most common feeding problem is that turtles dont eat enough
but my turtles eats everything he sees and seems to get hungrier the more i feed him, and im afraid he may be harrassing my monitor lizards cus they are all in my swampquarium, a 800 gallon aquarium with a forest a pond and a forest floor
my friend kevin who is a lizard expert says that when a monitor lizard is harrassed they can get very aggressive and my 12 year old son is very attached to those lizards, my friend kevin has a swampaquarium like mine a little bigger,
and he had this problem with a snapping turtle and his monitor lizards were on the verge of eating him alive and they did, because he was deciding wether to feed him in a seperate aquarium, but he cudnt buy one and prepare it in time, now im not worried about the turtles but my son, if the monitor lizards are irratable and aggressive a 2 meter nile monitor can seriusly injure or kill a 12 year old boy. wut can i do i cant get rid of my lizards my son loves em too much, and one of em isnt mine
wut can i do
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Name: james | Date: Aug 22nd, 2006 1:23 AM
do wut ur friend did its a good idea 

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