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Name: matty
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hi im matt and i want a very good palyfull pet because i have a parrot wat wont shut up and a hamster which wont stop biteing and my dogs go for the parrot and i have boreing fish please help i need a good pet lol
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Name: Fiona | Date: May 29th, 2006 9:47 PM
If you want a pet that you can play with and who wil relate to you then a dog is probably the best thing to get.

I like guinea-pigs as they're cute and easy to care for. 

Name: matty | Date: May 29th, 2006 9:48 PM
thanks but i have a hamster and they dont like me lol do you know any more lol 

Name: Fiona | Date: May 31st, 2006 4:47 PM
I didn't suggest that you get a hamster though.

I'm confused???

I'd get a dog if I were you :-) 

Name: jody | Date: Jun 4th, 2006 5:44 AM
definitly get a golden retriever they are awsome with everybody and and other animals. 

Name: bladerunnerx16 | Date: Aug 9th, 2006 4:11 PM
I would sell the parrot & hamstter, keep- the dog & the fish

dogs are a keeeeewl pet thats why I have them everywhere! 

Name: Motorcop | Date: Aug 9th, 2006 7:04 PM
I'd get a horse if able if not a dog 

Name: brandon | Date: Aug 18th, 2006 1:54 AM
how about a hedge hog. cute and cuddly or just burn in hell. 

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