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Im 14 my stumach is really big i feel like theres butterflies inside my stumach please help i cant tell my mom she will kick me out im so scared
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Name: alissa | Date: Nov 11th, 2013 1:17 AM
By butterflies you mean pregnant ? 

Name: alissa | Date: Nov 11th, 2013 7:03 AM
If that's the case I was in the same position my freshmen year I got pregnant at 14 and had my baby when I turned 15, I had him 5 days after my birthday. My mom and dad both said if I ever got pregnant they would kick me out but when it did happen and I told them they more disappointed then mad, didn't kick me out, dad built me and the baby a room, but I also had no where to go and the baby daddy left when he found out. Just tell your mom she'll probably be mad at fist but calm down afterwards but I would tell her soon the baby needs the prenatal care. If you need help or wanna talk about anything email me : [email protected] 

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