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so i recently found out i was pregnant. The father and i were only together for about 2 months. I didn't find out until after we stopped talking. I told him I was pregnant and at first he was supportive and said he would be there as much as possible. When it came time for the first ultrasound he said he would try and be there. He didn't show up and didnt talk to me for two days. When he did say something to me again all it was is that he decided he is not ready for this so there for he should not have to have anything to do with it. He then asked me to sign something saying that he would not have to have a part of it and that i would not come after him for child support. I know my friends and family will be supportive if i have this baby. I'm just scared to do this alone, and cannot stand the things he keeps saying to me, HELP?
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