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So I'm 23 mother of a beautiful 2 yr old girl I just found out today by a friend not even my baby's dad that he's having another baby with his gf if a few months who already has2 kids and him and her aren't even allowed to be together because they are both in supervision I got pregnant with her in 2010 and are relationship was anything but perfect he got sent to jail when I was a few months along and was in there till she was about 6 months old when he got out things were good but shortly after it went down hill then we were off and in for the past year and about a few weeks ago he had told me he wanted to make it work and he didn't lover her so against everyone's wishes I said ok but she supposedly started hacking his Facebook and he pro used it was nothing and then it happened a second time so I said enough specially since he's put me thru hell before and then today I find out he's having a baby with her and I'm just so angry and confused about what to do yes my daughter loves him but he's barely around doesn't help out and diesbt even see her when its his time I just don't know what to do can anyone help?
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