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Hey guys,
My boyfriend of 1 year dumped me today just because he said he doesn't love me anymore as of today. I am extremely confused and angry. Looking for someone to vent too. I don't understand how you fall out of love in a day. Especially with our daughter about to be here.
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Name: Latoya Barnes | Date: Jul 21st, 2013 6:28 PM
I'm sorry to hear that honey, some men are assholes! Thats not love what he did to you, all i can tell you is to try to prepare yourself for whatever may come next as far as him and the baby Here is something that helped me as far as money. It is truly a great legit way to make money online/at home. Check it out! www.instantpaydaynetwork.com/lovesome nd maybe him not wanting to be there as he should... 

Name: eli | Date: Aug 15th, 2013 9:42 AM
this sucks everything on here is spam is anyone real? no its the internet. of course nt. 

Name: chris | Date: Oct 8th, 2013 7:18 AM
im sorry..my baby mama is still pregnant..but we were supposed to be a family..and she broke up with me..we have been off and on for almost 3yrs..and we had our lives together..yeah we r young(17) but we wanted to raise him diffrent than we were raised..and now she has a new bf..and wants to give me full custody so she can do her life....i love her more than anything and each decision she makes hurts me becuz she wont let me be there until he is here..but she told me tht there isnt anything to tlk about between me and her.... 

Name: Olli | Date: Dec 29th, 2013 11:40 AM
This is coming too late but I had to share my experience with you. I was in a relationship with a guy for three years.he left me for a girl when I was five months pregnant.(his excuse was I took her virginity I can't leave her) laughable. I had to move back in with my parents (I know some aren't so lucky) and I gave birth to my beautiful son at 21. My mum was my partner.i didn't put his name on the both cert and when he tried to get in contact again I told him to leave us alone. My child didn't need that kind of a father in his life.(my son can decide when he's older what he wants) three years on and ok it not easy I'm still living at home working two jobs to pay child care and preschool fees but we happy. We are stable. You don't need him to be a family. Your child is all the family you need or ever want. I hope you and your baby are doing well.power to single parents. We are not alone. We have our children. Xxx 

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