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Just when I didn't think things could get any worst , and I find myself questioning God and his actions , never have I questioned God and any of her motives . Being staying in a home for 6 yrs "renting it " and 3 weeks ago the sheriff came to my home and put foreclosure papers on the door , so I called the landlord he stated it wasn't in foreclosure , I accepted his repos as with no further questions asked until a week ago when the bank came to the home and stated it was indeed in foreclosure and any Mintue now u would have to cache the premises smh. So immediately I went house hunting after 3 days I found a home gave the elderly lady my deposit and old her I would be moving in at the end of the month . Well she called me today and stated that she didn't want to rent the home to me because I had teenage boys and didn't want them disturbing te neighbors . She said she would give me my refund back , after crying my heart out and questioning the god that has been nothing but awesome to me . I called the lady back and told her I didn't have any where got me and my 3 kids to go I even tol her ill pay her 50.00 dollars more which would make it 900.00 if she would rent I me . The only excuse she could and had concerning me as a tenant where my kids , smh so now I'm at a point where I don't know what to do or even where to go, tho hurts worst than anything because it's not jut about me but my children having foundation , I so didn't ask for this
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