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i just thought id post this and tell you all to be careful when your leaving your email address on here.im on msn and i have many people add me and i couldnt work out were they got my addy from and they wouldnt tell me were, then i had another add me today, a man, from new york. i asked him were he got my addy from and he said babycrowd, he started askin if my pic was my daughter, i asked him if he had got kids and he said NO. i asked him why he was on a site for parents when he didnt have kids and he wouldnt tell me. he just said he saw my post saying i was 16 and a mum and i needed help... and that he wanted to help me... none of my posts have said that, im not 16. i took the picture off of my daughter and he kept askin why i had took it off. i really didnt like it so i have blocked him. this isnt the first time this has happened, iv had another do it before and he made out he had 3 kids and he didnt, and he was always asking really strange questions avout my daughter, so i blocked him to.
i just wanted to warn you all, if you have some email you or message you and you dont no them, ask questions, and if something doesnt feel right about this person then it proberly isnt.
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Name: Nicola | Date: Nov 3rd, 2006 3:50 PM
I've had 3 people add me, one from kazakstahn who can't remember where he got my email address from who keeps saying "Your babys very beautiful like their mum" Im like shut up, he's been blocked but has made up 6 other addresses including [email protected] or summet like that which freaked me out and he keeps on re-adding me. I had a french girl who doesn't even speak English! I also have someone from here who I've never seen reply to my posts but obviously she's read them because she knows everything about me that I've posted. But she has signed up my email address to about a billion things like facebox or photocheck or something like that. I hate it, it's so annoying, I'll get home and have 13 emails and I'll be excited in case they're from my GP or my mates, work or the universities I've asked questins about but it never is, it's always bloody spam "So and so reminds you that you haven't registerd with Rubbish.com!" GAAAHH STOP SIGNING ME UP 2 STUFF OR SENDING ME STUPID CHAINMAIL! I do not care if I do not send this onto 15 more people that I will never fall in love and wil have bad luck for seven years. anyone else feel that way? Emma you're well rid of that creep he sounded very dodge. Only one of my adees (lol ace word!) actually said they were form babycrows the rest said they couldnt remember, but i t must be from babycrowd because I am not in the habbit of posting my email address around randomly. 

Name: granny2be | Date: Nov 5th, 2006 10:01 AM
Maybe I'm brain dead, but isn't there an email option that makes them request to be added? I use earthlink and with the filters I use NOONE gets added unless I authorize it. Everything else goes to 'suspect e mail'. 

Name: Nicola | Date: Nov 5th, 2006 10:12 AM
I accept because I think that it's people from babycrowd that want to chat! Lol, I never open suspicious emails and stuff like that. I have so mant anti-virus programmes and I have 6 spyware programmes.I'm really wary of this cyberbug thing! 

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