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My 7-year-old daughter, whose father I am not married to, felt an abortion was best when I was carrying her. He goes months at a time without so much as calling her, but when he does, he's the greatest in her eyes. She doesn't understand that I don't always have the money to buy this or that, nor can I always get time off from work to go on field trips with the school etc. But when I suggest that she ask her father, she makes excuses that he has to work, and that he doesn't have the money etc. She made a gift in afterschool care and told me it was for her daddy and that she would make me one later if I wanted one. Lately, she was been drawing pictures with just her and her father. I think she blames me for her father not being consistently in her life. When he breaks his promises, she expects me to keep them and fulfill whatever he promised. I try to explain to her that mommies can't do it all by themselves , all the time. She is very intelligent, and sometimes I feel manipulated. I am utterly frustrated, and I am at my wits end right now. Any suggestions?
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Name: ukdad43 | Date: Apr 15th, 2013 6:29 PM
hi im jason, feel like talking? 

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