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Hi. My name is Brandy. I got pregnant at the age of seventeen and had my little girl at 18. I was young and her father and i were into partying but him more than me. My mother asked me to give her temporary guaridanship until I got settled down. The father and I broke up and she said that he wouldnt be able to take her away or use the things against me that i had done. So i told her i would as long as she promised to give her back when i was ready and she promised. For two years ive been begging her to give my daughter back because i was ready to be a mom and she is always thinking of things that i have to do and thinking of reasons why i am not ready. ive done everything that she has asked and nothing is good enough for her to give aaliyah back. Ive quit the drugs, i dont drink (occasionally, and when i say that i mean very seldom), i signed up for school and almost have my associates degree in business administration, i have a decent job as a cna for now until i graduate. I asked my mom if i could move back home, see one of the things she wanted from me was to get a stable home, so i got one and lived there for a year and a half and still wasnt good enough. i asked her to move in with her so i could be with aaliyah and prove to her i could take care of her. with hesitation she said yes. during that time i had another baby. she is five months now. my fiance is in the army and is coming home in may and we are getting our own house and getting married. i asked mom if aaliyah could move with us because i just cant fathum taking the baby and not aaliyah. that would hurt and confuse her so much. but still she has no answer. everytime i ask her about it, it starts a huge fight and nothing gets settled. i dont know what to do, i was trying to avoid the whole court scene but it looks like thats what im going to have to do. so what i am asking you is what are the chances that i would get her back? im tired of worrying about this and i just want to feel whole again but i cant until i have my daughter. i live at my moms still but she makes it harder and harder everyday, telling me how to raise my kids and telling me what i should and shouldnt do. i can say one wrong thing and she flipps over nothing. i just cant stay here anymore, and the only reason i am here is for aaliyah.
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