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how can ifind a baby to adopt we have been thru two adoption agencies and have waited 5 years with no results. I just want to be a Mom and I'm 40 so I'm financially ready and stable. Anyone know where I can adopt an infant or toddler? This waiting is really hard . thanks [email protected]
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Name: mid-west | Date: Oct 22nd, 2007 9:08 PM
it is good you are with an agency. when i was placing my daughter for adoption i remember looking through the big "scrapbook" of potential families. there were different sheets with different information. hopefully, the right birthmother and baby will come along for you, with a perfect match. but..i know, if i looked at a family, and they only wanted a "certain type" of child, (even though my baby had no complications and was caucasian) i did not consider them because it was important that the family i chose be very accepting of all races and differences. of course i am not aware of your wants and desires in a child or birthparents, but it may be helpful to make sure you have the areas marked where you would want any baby no matter what race, gender, disease, or birthparents medical history. just be very open. another thing...through my pregnancy i of course went to the doctors regularly (my OBGYN), and he let me know that he knew of several couples (his patients) who have tried to have their own children but could not conceieve..he told me if i wanted, he could help arrange for me to meet them. so let your OBGYN know your situation, he probably deals with all sorts of pregnancies and maybe the perfect match will come along for you through there. let all of your family, and friends know as well..the networking through a large amount of people is mind boggeling...the more people who know, the better..they may just know someone who knows someone who knows someone who is looking for parents to adopt. good luck. i hope you find what you have been looking for, my heart goes out to you. 

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