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I'm a 43 yr old woman who really wants to be a mom. I was trying natural methods to get pregnant with a partner, but now find myself unhappily single again.

I've had some testing done (HSG and FSH levels) and everything seems normal despite my age. But statistically my time is almost up. I feel like I can't wait for my next relationship to sort itself out and see if we get to the point of trying to have children again.

I'm strongly considering trying to get pregnant on my own now with donor sperm from a bank and using ICI or IUI.

I'm worried about the emotional strength it will take trying to get pregnant on my own. I know realistically the chances are very low now tha I can succeed, and I have to be prepared for many disappointments.

Also worried about what it takes to be a single mom going through pregnancy on her own and wondering if I can handle that. I'm very healthy and fit, but I'm not a young woman any more.

If any of you older moms out there have been through something similar to what I'm experiencing I'd really welcome any input you'd like to share.

Thanks so much!
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