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I was just wondering if anyone out there knew if there were any programs I could get into that would help me earn my high school diploma faster than normal. I'm six months pregnant and will be seventeen Saturday. I'd like to earn my GED but in California I have to wait until I'm almost eighteen. Lame, right? =/ Even if I got my GED, I'd still want to end up earning my diploma I just wouldn't be so stressed about it. =/

I'm working. It's not a phenomenal job, but it pays--and with a baby on the way, I NEED money. lol. So, any advice?

And does anyone know of any movies about a single teen moms? Like, when the moms are raising their kids? My baby's father keeps saying he's going to get a job and help out, but I doubt he will. We're states apart; he lives in Utah where I stayed over the summer.
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