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I have been divorced for a year now and am dating a wonderful man. I have a 5 year old beautiful little girl. He has no kids. He doesn't mind kids and for the most part gets along with her quite well. The problem starts up when she whines or starts throwing tantrums for what he considers 'no reason'. He has a hard time finding patience in these situations.
He was raised in eastern europe and only knows this type of child rearing. I have been trying to show him the way I see fit to raise my little girl. I am clear to him that I am not looking for him to be a dad to her. She has a very good and loving dad.
I know I can not force himto adore my daughter the way i think he should. But does anyone have any suggestions to help me help him understand that she is a normal 5 year old?
It is becoming crucial to the survival of our relationship
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Name: Jay | Date: Sep 8th, 2013 5:09 AM
I am well was the father/step father technically of a 5 year old when we separated he was 12 which he turns 13 in november, you are right about culture, diff. cultures discipline and treat their kids diff than we do here, more cold so to say they believe it gives them independence. To be honest especially that your child is a female, my step is a son, little girls especially need a strong providing well mannered , respected man in the house hold, i have a daughter of my own as to this is why i understand it, my advice to you is to suggest they spend alone time toghether like going to the movies, mall, etc.. ( but please ask consent from your ex before u do that bc i know if i wasnt asked and my little princess was alone with a man i only know a short period of time or not at all i would lose it )other than that just give it time if she doesnt grow on him which if u plan on being together will be hard , because as much as my stepson is a really really disrespectful child and alot of lying and manipulitive qualities, god chose to let me see the good in him and to understand that i was put there for the time that i was with his mom to guide him in life and show him love and just be there for him, It will happen over time i feel, and if it doesnt than im sorry but ur princess is ur princess and she comes first, I personally will never ler a female in my life for longer than a trial period unless they learn to love my child, i hope i helped u can email me if u want at
Jres 18390 @ Gmail 

Name: rita kelvin | Date: Sep 9th, 2013 10:50 PM
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