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I am 20 years old and i am pregnant for my boyfriend and he has been deported.the doctor advised me not to go for a D/C that it is too late and i dont want to keep the baby please advice through the forum or you can send me text to my cell at (571)429-3497
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Name: lupita | Date: Jun 2nd, 2013 5:22 PM
hey mama. im so sorry to heard about your bf but well here's my opinion. your prego and u don't wanna keep the baby?? right? well honestly im por-life and don't believe in abortion but only u kno whts best for u. personally me im 20 and am a proud single mother of a beautiful 3 yr old and for me he changed my life. if you decided to keep the bby just keep in mind that thy require a lot of love, attention, support, caring and money bc kids r expensive. if your not ready to give tht thn u know ur answer 

Name: rita kelvin | Date: Sep 9th, 2013 10:57 PM
My testimony,,, life is spiritual, especially the emotional life, this is why we hear different story line here and there because they are spiritual, sometime we wonder how it been done all this is done with the spiritual rhyme,,,,, my husband left as a single mum,,, i came across Oduma Martins i contacted him about my single mum and my no were to be found husband,,,, Oduma Martins perform a spiritual work for me after some 2 days on the 3rd day my husband called me, kelvin that he loves, then he hang up,,, i was very astonished,,,, the next day he came to the with huge love,,, we live happily with full love ,,,,, it's not easy to be a single mother,,, please if you are in my shoe and your need your man back just contact [email protected] so that he can bring back your husband it is not easy to be a single mother.... please cheers to all... Mrs. Rita 

Name: Hulagirl | Date: Sep 10th, 2013 6:38 AM
I was 20 when I had my daughter. She is now 16 and living (miserably) with her dad. I made a lot of mistakes! The biggest one being that I was too focused on providing her with basic necessities and material things. I succeeded at that. I failed at being a mother. Just remember that your baby, no matter how old, is a person with feelings. It took me 15 years to realize that. Ironically, she still keeps me in her life due to the care I did provide her all of those years, Hope that helps. And good luck to you and your new family. 

Name: Laura | Date: Sep 10th, 2013 4:37 PM
I was 20 when I found out I was pregnant. I totally understand how you feel. I was about to be deported (almost in the same situation as your bf) but the country lost my passport,which I had to send in for a visa application, and I couldn't leave. But I didn't know how to deal with a baby and all. I was thinking about abortion, but couldn't do it. two options left: adoption or keeping it. I kept my baby and couldn't be happier.But thats a decision you have to make yourself.
But if you feel like you are not ready to be a mom and don't want to deal with a baby at this point in your life- or you have no support system, you should consider adoption. It's the perfect opportunity to give life and make a family very happy!
Go and see an adoption agency and talk to them about your options.
Good luck! 

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