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Hi yall probably dont get many guys on here but I need help. I am 18 yrs old and I am a fire academy student in Texas. My gf is 26 yrs old and she is pregnant. She already has a 3 yr old child from a very bad relationship she got out of just before we got together. I lover her with all of my heart and I need help on how to tell my parents. She has already told her parents but they have never really given her much support in her life so they really didnt care about it much. My parents have had no idea that we have been dating for the past year and half now and I am worried that if I tell them they will be not only pissed off that I am going to be a father but also that they have never met her and that they will accuse me of lying to them the whole time we have been together. I am excited and yet scared at the same time that I am going to be a daddy but I dont want my parents to lose the trust and the inspiration they have in me that I have worked so hard to gain throughout my high school days. Any body have any advice on a good approach to confront them about it?
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