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Name: Zoey
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I am a first time mother in my last month of pregnancy. I have been with the father of my baby for a year and a bit, we were happy and wanted to have a baby together. We are in different interstates right now, and lately he just hasn't wanted to talk to me as much as usual. All he wants to do is go drinking every weekend, I try to talk to him but he doesn't sound interested in anything I have to say. He says he loves me when I go on about how upsetting it makes me feel because all I want to do is talk to him, I love him so much but the way he treats me makes me cry all the time. It might just be my hormones aswell but I just don't know what to do.. Because I grew up without my father and I don't want that for my daughter.. I want to get over her father but I can't it just hurts so much. Someone give me advice please
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Name: Gabbs | Date: Jan 31st, 2015 5:23 AM
Hey Zoey,

Hey honey the most you need is a friend who you can vent on as well as advisement. Which your in luck i do alot of both lol =].

It's hard to get over the other person i had that same problem i dated a guy 7 years on and off and when i got pregnant he was so excited then when i miscarried because of my blood type issue. he turned into a totally different person.

he then mentally and physically abused me, it was hard to leave him but i had enough i even got the chance to put him in his place as well lol. he told me to punch him so i did i almost knocked him out. after i left it was very hard i was still there for him when he went to treatment for drugs and drinking but it only hurt me in the process he still to this day tells me he's sorry for everything he ever did to me.

once that baby is born and he realizes how much of a good life your having on your own with that beautiful baby he may realize he was an idiot and should have treated you the way a woman...a pregnant woman should be treated.

stay strong sweetie =] 

Name: Zoey | Date: Jan 31st, 2015 8:46 PM
Thank you, that has given me a bit of peace in mind. Feeling allot better xxx 

Name: Ollamide | Date: Jan 31st, 2015 9:13 PM
Its so disturbing when I read online about beautiful loving women being single and a single parent, a lot is happening and am damn so afraid to settledown cas I never want to be single and be separated from my family, for all the singles be strong and move on, lifes too short to be wasted on a spilled milk.....give your child a life.
Whenever you feel like chatting, well let's chat on whatsapp +2348161535519 

Name: Gabbs | Date: Jan 31st, 2015 9:33 PM
your welcome Zoey =] if you want to chat more just let me know =] 

Name: heather | Date: Mar 11th, 2015 4:27 PM
I totally understand my bf started out homeless and I and him were friends and I told him to move in then he got a job from 5 to 2 am and I got pregnant after 3 months of dating now 7 months later he says I'm controlling cause I want him to come home after work and not hangout every night at his friend from work house cause sometimes he passes out there and I'm home alone..I lost my son 6 yra ago at 5 months so I get scared it might happen again and he thinks I'm being controlling and he keeps saying I'm a grown ass man and u bitch so much I dont want to be around you..just seems like he doesn't want me anymore which I asked him if he wanted this child when we got pregnant and he said yes I was adopted and went through hell and I dont believe in killing a baby (abortion) so yes but now seems like its all about him. Its sad and I feel alone I believe in having two parents and no matter make it work but seems like he just wants to run :( he younger than me I'm 27 in Nov and he 23 in September. I dont know how to give you advice cause I'm going through the same. Keep your head up 

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