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Hello everyone, my name is linnea. I am 18 years old and 7 months pregnant with a little girl :) I am absolutely thrilled that Im going to have her in my life, although the timing wasnt the best. My ex boyfriend and I broke up when I was 2 months along. (We had been dating 8 months) Yes, I did the breaking up and it was tough. Most people don't understand at first but after they hear my side, they usually agree with me. Make your own opinions though, of course. Throughout our whole relationship, it just kept going downhill. Each fight was more horrible than the last. In the very beginning, he was ok. But the person he is now, I dont even know who he is. The las time I saw him in person and actually spoke to him was when I was 2 months along and he had showed up to my work and was yelling at me for breaking up with him over facebook. (LOL, I know it was immature, but seriously, he didnt even talk to me for a whole week!! A WEEK! That was a very long time for him and I) Anyway, he had brought a shoebox of my personal items which he tossed across the parking lot while Im standing there sobbing. He didnt like the way things were going because they werent HIS WAY. he was always like that. Its either his way or no way. I always went along with it but I was sick and tired of his crap. Finally, I decided to cut him out of my life. That included cutting him out of my baby's life too. I dont plan on letting him see her unless I am forced by court to. He is not going on the birth certificate and he isnt allowed in the hospital when Im giving birth. To some of you I may seem like a witch and I may seem very harsh. But the things he has done, have been HORRIBLE. Things he has said have been horrible, such as "I hate you, I hate the baby, go get an abortion." So for him to say things like that, doesnt it give me a right to keep the baby as my own? Also, he is a violent. He pushed me, (it was also while I was pregnant) I also see him with other girls now, (which is completely fine) He also is mocking the situation by taking disgusting pictures with his friends with some fake bloody baby. Guess what the caption says? "Proud father" To all you mothers out there, would you put up with this?
I really would appreciate feedback, Im so sorry it was so long.
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Name: primm | Date: Nov 24th, 2010 2:46 AM
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email me we will chat talk if u need anything i also have facebook 

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