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Someone PLEASE help me!!! I am 27 years old. My husband and me split earlier this year. He moved on and got another female pregnant, (he was seeing this heffer before we split) and now I am also pregnant (yes im stupid, because im in love) with twins. He keeps telling me he's coming home, but to no avail. I am sort of holding on to that, hoping he will do right by me and my family. Im so ashamed and I dont want these children. I already have a daughter with him, she is almost 2. Im due at the end of March, and I will be dealing with 3 babies, alone. How messed up is this??? I will have 4 children and a short and failed marriage. I need someone to help me. PLEASE!!!
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Name: cherisalorraine | Date: Sep 24th, 2007 12:19 PM
well people make decisions because love is blind. please dont expect any thing to be different just because he says he is going to do it. my mom has a set of twins and she said that after the initial few months that they are easier to deal with thean a singleton because they occupy each other and when one learns something the other follows shortly 

Name: 4EVER | Date: Sep 24th, 2007 3:29 PM
Its, a hard call, are you really sure you don't want these children or do you think that if you threaten him with giving them up he will come back? Do you really want him Back? 

Name: 4EVER | Date: Sep 24th, 2007 5:47 PM
I don't want to come off,as selfish, or insensitive, and it seems like things are tough so, let me tell you about us ,maybe that will help, 10 years we tried to conceive than we tried to adopt we had a child placed in our home that we were told we would adopt her name was Alyssa we got her at 6 weeks old after her mom had her in a bar stuffed under her coat at 2 weeks , Alyssa was our life, she was diagnosed with failure to thrive and it was touch and go for weeks after we got her home from the hospital. she flourised and we were a family, for 27 months she was our daughter. her bio father was in jail for running someone over with his car, No one came foward to claim her than the mother decided to get her back after 27 months, Alyssa was our world and they took her from us the only parents she knew it nealtly killed me and my husband God Bless him he was a rock. But , then after she went back , The birthmother would show up at our door on Fridays and say you take care of her i need to go out, I told her That she should let us adopt her and then she could come and go as she pleased, She said noThat Alyssa was her daughter and we were just glorified Baby sitters and we ment nothing , That weekend we did take her basically because We just loved her and missed her so. The next weekend She called to say she would drop her off and i told her she could not, my husband and i were upstairs taking down the baby stuff when we heard the door it sounded like our dog trying to get out when we looked down stairs there was Alyssa sitting on the floor in the foyer and saying I home Mommy, i ran downstairs picked her up she was butning with fever so i called our doctor he said i can't treat her she isn't your child anymore, call Child Services to get it approved. Jim and i though this is it the Dept of Social Service will never give her back to her Birthmother she abonded her, Nope, they said it was smart that she dropped her with us, we explained that we told her we couldn't do it anymore it was confusing Alyssa everytime her Bio-mom would pick her up she would cry and say " NO go " no GO'" it was terrible, but the dept didn't care they sent her back and now she will be 7 and the only thing we can do is hope and pray her mother got her act together and is doing right by her. I am not sure why i told you this but i hope that some way this helps you know that you will survive this even though it seems hopeless, that being said if you decide to make that difficult decsion to place your children for adoption we would be honored if you would consider us [email protected]. if not let me know how thing sgo and i widh you the best. Laura 

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