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Name: Mud Creek | Date: Jan 1st, 2011 3:07 PM
I have 3 women pregnant right now ..two inwhich I have children by already ... I will take care of my responsiblities ..I don't blame anyone or try to run from my situations 

Name: mamaof3 | Date: Mar 17th, 2011 8:21 AM

Name: Life | Date: Apr 6th, 2011 4:50 AM
Hello everyone,

I am 26 years old and 6 months pregnant. This is my first pregnancy. My story has a twist. I must admit I was a fool. I was with the father of my child for 7 years he was my first everything. Back then he cheated on me repeatedly and I forgave him. I was young and dumb. We finally ended this madness and I moved on with GOD's help.

I met a wonderful man, who treated me with love. I was with this man for 4 years. My only issue with him was a female best friend who lived many miles away. When we would visit she was always on top off him. She was obviously madly in love with him. I hated their relationship. Anyway he ended up traveling over to where she lives with his male cousin foran entire month. I was ok because I trust him, what bothered me was the fact he was trying to control me from there. Then he accused me of doing things I wasn't. That raised an I brow.

Oh b4 he left he told me to delet my facebook. I told he y r u afraid that someone might post something that i'm not going to like. He said no, it was bcause my x boyfriend of 7 yrs babymom kept sending me request to friend her. So he thought I was talking to him, bcause there is no logical reason y she would want to b a friend. Honestly I didn't know y. I was not talkimg to my x. So I deleted my page temporarily.

Anyway, one day I woke up and decided to get on the book and surprise, surprise the first pic I c on my wall was a pic of her fondling him. I was really upset bcause that is exactly what I said was going to happen.

Ironically my x boyfriends babymom ended up contacting me. She wanted to meet up. I asked for wat she wanted some advice in her relationship with him, basically how did I do it for so many years. We met up, I told her dont tell him that we spoke. If u do he will come to my house. How about she told him that same night he showed up at my house. From there on we spoke as friends, catching up on the 4 yrs that we've been apart.

To make a long story short. Me and my wonderful boyfriend broke up and while on our break up, my x was occupying my time. He had already ended things with his babymom, when she contacted me. 3 months later we ended up beimg intimate. The flame was rekindled a true fairy tale. It almost semed like it was ment to be.

The following month I end up PREGNANT! Very surprising, I didn't think I could get pregnant. It was depressing in the begining, morning sickness etc. so many things ran through my mind. Undescribable, I didn't want kids at this point in my life. I should have used protection, I know sad to say lesson learned.

Well, because I was depressed about the pregnancy, it made him feel insecure, because I was worried about my wonderful x boyfriends' feelings. So we were separated and together for two months. I got over my emotions and things seemed better. Once things seemed better, I find out that his bm is pregnant by him. Im not hurt, at all of course part of us not being together had to do with her. She ended up getting him locked up. Threating child support etc. she was married with two kids and he was her knight and shining armor. She's crazy... Back to where I left off, me not feeling hurt, because wat goes around comes around. If he did it to me when we were teens, I should have known better as an adult. If he left her, why would I think im any better. I believe he loves me, but I also knows he loves his daughter. So he was confused from the begining, I was too. What I p an to do. I have no idea. I'm really thinking, because my unborn child may be e(a)ffect by my decision.

I can't change what happened. I didn't want this to happen, but I wasn't cautious. I feel like figuratively speaking, I smacked GOD in the face. Saying ur blessing wasn't good enough for me. I love my FATHER, and I have to repent. I also believe he doesn't give us anything we can't bare. He gives us choices anf tjis is the one I made. Like evdrythimg else in life there are consequences. I hope that my life expierence helps others out there. I must be an adult and move on with life. With out him being my partner and just him being a father. It is hard for me. Everyone wants a family, unfortunately my decision lead to this, bit that doesn't mean that I won't get married and have more kids with a man who truly loves, repects and know how to be loyal. Keep ur heads up ladies. This too shall pass.. Much love to allmy women... Xoxo 

Name: lexey | Date: Jun 11th, 2011 7:14 AM
There is really nothing you can do hun. I know how you feel im dealing with the same thing but it is what it is. He is gonna do what he is gonna do. you can not like it that's all you can do really so accept it or not reconcile i know it is hard believe me im dealing with it to i just started talking to my baby dad and it is hard cause i think are trying to reconcile cause he talking to me but he doesn't say much my baby daddy is married but i did not know he was till he had his wife call me and calling me all kinds of names he told me he was married when i got pregnant and wanted me to aboard my baby and i refused and i expected him to take responsibly and just tell his wife cause he put me in a situation he new he was married and didn't bother to tell me till i got pregnant witch that caused a fight between him and I. we quit talking last oct and just the other day he email me he was stocking my fb page and saw a photo of his daughter and he told me she is cute but doesn't say a hole lot. I don't even know if they are married still so i really don't know if he trying to reconcile with me or not good luck to you 

Name: single mom now | Date: Sep 21st, 2011 9:05 AM
I am in a similar situation. My baby's daddy cheated on me throughout our relationship with his wife and my dumb ass was blind to the fact. When i conceived our first son, he questioned his paternity up until we took a test. Then things got better for us. Last year, i became pregnant with our second child, only to find out that his wife was pregnant and her due date was only 3 days after mine. He has apologized to me over and over again, but it's obvious where he wants to be literally, emotionally, and sexually. Ive found the courage to move on regardless how much ive put into us, and regardless of the dreams ive had of him leaving his wife for me. Ive come to the conclusion that in his eyes, me and my kids arent enough for him to leave. I had to see that i had to be that missing piece to my boys rather than try to fill that void with him. I had to look past his words and look at his actions. Finally, i realized that the sooner that i let his trifling, lying, inconsiderate, disrespectful, disloyal, instigating, procraastinating, cum-filled ass alone,,,,,it was for the better for me and my babies. Sometimes i still cry because of the emotions of denial, jealousy, and lonliness finally catching up with me, but by the time ive wiped my last tear and kissed my lil boys on the forheads, i feel content that ive made the right decision. Please feel better. It's a struggle, but u gotta put the kids above the pain u feel inside. U dont want your child to see u upset for the rest of your life, do u? 

Name: stacey | Date: Sep 30th, 2011 9:01 AM
My fiance and I have been dating for 2 1/2 years I recently found out that he had sex with another girl one of his ex gf I confronted him and he told me that he was sorry and that he wasn't thinking and did not want to lose me so I took him back I have been 2 the doctor and found out I am pregnant I could b about 2 nd 1/2 months pregnant just as I was starting to trust him agen I went on his mxit only to find out that the girl he cheated on was on his mxit c told me to leave her bf alone wtf? I couldn't understand y he was still lying to me I foned him and told him that I want to hear the truth or else he will never c me nd his child agen anyway he told me that c was also pregnant as I understand c cud b 3 maybe 4 months pregnant I don't no wat to do he is very rude to me nd treats her like gold he deleted me from his mxit nd don't me that I musnt invite him agen bcoz that girl told him c is gng 4 an abortion I invited her any way so we chatted he told me that we still in a relationship and he wants nothing to do with her he is only supporting her bcoz of the baby lastnyt I told him 2 go tell her parents about the pregnancy then she wudnt threaten him with abortion all his attention is on her lastnyt he only stayed 10 mins at my place and was longer than 2 hours at her place I don't no wat to do he sed I mustnt tell our parents about her or my pregnancy should I leave him or must I give him another chance I am considering 2 go 4 an abortion but we are so close nd his family and mine get along well plz help I'm confused I'm only 18 years and expecting my first child while she is 21 nd this will b her second child abortion or not ? 

Name: Britt | Date: Oct 19th, 2011 8:56 AM
My relationship story is like a soap opera .... At 18 I had my first child & I was with my BD for 2 years, he began cheating on me & I found out from his best friend. We broke up for 2 years but have always been sleeping with eachother on & off. Finally, I started dating him again & 2 girls came out saying they were having his child. I couldn't handle the baggage so we broke it off. He did 5 months in jail & when he came out we began talking again. (seems like I had forgave him & accepted the 2 kids as being his, but I truly didn't I just love him dearly, so I took him back) 3/9/11 we found out 1 of the 2 kids was not his & that I was prego (from him). I'm currently 9 months prego & the other girl is trying to get my BD for Child Support. When we receive the papers we are going to get a DNA test done first but I believe the child is his. He has no contact with the child because he does not want him to be his. (this girl was just a fling) Although we do not know 100% if the child is his it is definitely hard for me to accept. I think I worry about it more than he does. & I can't stand the girl btw. It's just very stressful & him having to pay child support for this kid is going to suck to say the least. I know he will never be there for the child besides paying what he has to in order to not go to jail. I know he sounds like a dick but he takes care of me & my kids so I can't complain. He was never there for her through her pregnancy & he has never met the kid, it bugs the hell out of me. I don't want that girl to have the satisfaction of having his child. I have a past with this girl & she sickens me. We shall see the results tho. It's hard to accept & I hate it! 

Name: grace kim | Date: Dec 31st, 2011 6:49 AM
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Name: muha anne | Date: Dec 31st, 2011 7:00 AM
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Name: Jenny | Date: Jan 8th, 2012 4:32 PM
Hello, I'm hoping that through writing this, someone can give me the words that will help me in my situation. My ex and I met in high school and were soo in love. We were young and dreamed of marriage and a family. The thing is I always caught him cheating on me. I never left and we stayed together. During one of our breakups he was with someone else. She claimed she was pregnant with his baby. I was so devastated!! We still stayed together cause I had hoped and prayed it wasn't true and always had a feeling it wasn't. Well, my daughter was born and one month later her daughter was born. Turns out I was right and she wasnt his. Well, he still kept cheating and got another girl pregnant when my daughter was 5 months! This child is actually his. It hurts me so badly to see the resemblance of these two girls. But, he tells me he wants nothing to do with her and her baby cause she was only a one weekend person. She was just a hookup. We've been apart for a very long time, and my daughter is 5, but he wants to work things out. Both of our families want us to after all he's done! I feel I deserve better but I also feel my daughter deserves us both. The other has moved on and is with a guy who says he wants to adopt my ex's daughter. I do not know what to do. I'm still so torn! I've been with someone else and broke that off, and I still feel like I can't get over my ex!! Please offer me some advice! Thanks 

Name: Kelly | Date: Jan 13th, 2012 4:31 AM
Leave him 

Name: Sarah w | Date: Jan 13th, 2012 4:49 AM
My baby father of 15 years was cheating on me for five years with someone I knew, I was told that this other woman was pregnant and I just had a strong feeling that it was my baby father kid I didn't have no proof that they were seeing each other till when the other woman stated to tell her friends about her five years fling she was describing my baby father and how many kids we have what car he drives where he lives, then She has her baby and she starts to hide her baby anytime that I see her or when any of my friends see her I got to see what the baby looked like and the baby looks just like my baby father I asked her about if she was seeing my baby father she no not at all I knew she was lying cause I went and told my baby father he told me he did sleep with her twice and if the baby is his he don't want nothing to do with it or her and now every chance she gets she calls the police on me cause she wants my baby father back but he don't want nothing to do with both of them he just wants me and our kids I can't forgive my. Baby father for what he did to me and our kids what should I do this other woman is out to make trouble 

Name: kita | Date: Jan 15th, 2012 12:43 PM
hi everybody, i been with my baby father for 5 years with in the fifth year, i had get pregnant and had my boy, my babyfather and we was arguing all though my pregnant and after the baby was born. he would leave hours of the night and me stick in the house with my baby now all the happen last year, he come in and argue with me for nothing. now we not togther my son is one now. he tell me , he had gettin another woman pregnant he met at a bar. and be blane me for the whole thing what a jackass dude. i am 26 year old , my son and i are doing fine . my baby father do help sometimes, but it still hurt let hell. 

Name: AUSTINE | Date: Apr 11th, 2012 2:27 PM
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Name: Michelle | Date: May 1st, 2012 1:39 PM
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Name: James | Date: May 17th, 2012 4:33 AM
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Name: Nikk1 | Date: May 23rd, 2012 8:43 AM
I too have been in this same situation, but at 19 years old. we was together since i was 15 for 6 years. He got his baby mother pregnant around the same time i was pregnant and blamed me for not giving him sex. I tried to forgive but i never forgot and i battled with loving him and despising him all at the same time. In the end we are not together and i am pregnant with someones elses baby even though of this he still wants me back.

its comforting to know that we are all in the same boat. But it was hard trusting him, even though i tried and cried soo hard for years after. The decision is yours. I wasnt strong enough to leave. The only way i could was by getting pregnant by someone else. who has turned out to be the worst move ive made in 6years.

the only thing that comforts me is this baby growing inside me. He's innocent to all of this. And so is yours. we both have the opportunity to grow and nuture a life. Our babies will give us the strength and unconditional love a man cant give us. You and i will become stronger one day when we are ready not to be a man's pushover.

I too am low and depressed and i need someone to talk to. My ex boyfriend was my life, confidant, best friend, lover everything and im pregnant for a young boy who hasnt a care in the world for me. I have alot of adjusting to do. And i guess so do you. But i know time heals the wounds and in time you will get over him and your baby will help to direct your thoughts to positive ones.

Feel free to reply to me anyone out there xx 

Name: joy | Date: Jun 3rd, 2012 9:50 PM
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Name: sophia | Date: Jun 4th, 2012 6:37 PM
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Name: john | Date: Jun 4th, 2012 6:45 PM
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Name: Mr.Ben | Date: Jul 3rd, 2012 11:25 PM
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Name: johnyiyi | Date: Jul 19th, 2012 7:46 PM
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Name: johnyiyi | Date: Jul 19th, 2012 7:47 PM
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Name: love | Date: Jul 29th, 2012 3:25 AM
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Name: hywel | Date: Aug 1st, 2012 3:45 PM
hi babe 

Name: chris | Date: Aug 7th, 2012 4:49 PM
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Name: Tabatha | Date: Sep 9th, 2012 12:50 AM
I think im pregnant and the easy has 4 other kids but different baby mamas wat should I do he isn't talking to me or nothing 

Name: HOW I GOT MY EX BACK TO ME | Date: Sep 10th, 2012 6:15 AM
My Name is JACOB WESTLEY..I never believed in Love Spells or Magics until I met this special spell caster when i contact this man called [email protected] Execute some business..He is really powerful..My wife divorce me with no reason for almost 4 years and i tried all i could to have her back cos i really love her so much but all my effort did not work out.. we met at our early age at the college and we both have feelings for each other and we got married happily for 5 years with no kid and she woke up one morning and she told me she’s going on a divorce..i thought it was a joke and when she came back from work she tender to me a divorce letter and she packed all her loads from my house..i ran mad and i tried all i could to have her back but all did not work out..i was lonely for almost 4 years…So when i told the spell caster what happened he said he will help me and he asked for her full name and her picture..i gave him that..At first i was skeptical but i gave it a try cos have tried so many spell casters and there is no solution…so when he finished with the readings,he got back to me that she’s with a man and that man is the reason why she left me…The spell caster said he will help me with a spell that will surely bring her back.but i never believe all this…he told me i will see a positive result within 3 days..3 days later,she called me herself and came to me apologizingI NEVER BELIEVED IN LOVE SPELLS UNTIL I MET THIS WORLD'S TOP SPELL CASTER. HE IS REALLY POWERFUL AND COULD HELP CAST SPELLS TO BRING BACK ONE'S GONE,LOST,MISBEHAVING LOVER AND MAGIC MONEY SPELL OR SPELL FOR A GOOD JOB.I'M NOW HAPPY & A LIVING TESTIMONY COS THE WOMAN I HAD WANTED TO MARRY LEFT ME 2 WEEKS BEFORE OUR WEDDING AND MY LIFE WAS UPSIDE DOWN COS OUR RELATIONSHIP HAS BEEN ON FOR 2YEARS... I REALLY LOVED HIM, BUT HIS MOTHER WAS AGAINST US AND HE HAD NO GOOD PAYING JOB. SO WHEN I MET THIS SPELL CASTER, I TOLD HIM WHAT HAPPENED AND EXPLAINED THE SITUATION OF THINGS TO HIM..AT FIRST I WAS UNDECIDED,SKEPTICAL AND DOUBTFUL, BUT I JUST GAVE IT A TRY. AND IN 7 DAYS WHEN I RETURNED TO USA, MY GIRLFRIEND(NOW WIFE) CALLED ME BY HERSELF AND CAME TO ME APOLOGIZING THAT EVERYTHING HAD BEEN SETTLED WITH HIS MOM AND FAMILY AND SHE GOT A NEW JOB INTERVIEW SO WE SHOULD GET MARRIED..I DIDN'T BELIEVE IT COS THE SPELL CASTER ONLY ASKED FOR MY NAME AND MY GIRLFRIENDS NAME AND ALL I WANTED HIM TO DO... WELL WE ARE HAPPILY MARRIED NOW AND WE ARE EXPECTING OUR LITTLE KID,AND MY WIFE ALSO GOT THE NEW JOB AND OUR LIVES BECAME MUCH BETTER. IN CASE ANYONE NEEDS THE SPELL CASTER FOR SOME HELP, HIS EMAIL ADDRESS IS;[email protected] ......HOPE HE HELPS YOU OUT OUR OPPORTUNITY ... CONTACT THIS GREAT SPELL CASTER VIA EMAIL:[email protected]... 

Name: I NEED MY EX | Date: Sep 10th, 2012 6:38 AM
My Name is Mrs. peter blassing, I was married to my husband for 10 years and we were both bless with three children, living together as one love, until 2011 when things was no longer the way the was [when he lost his job]. But when he later gets a new job 6 months after, he stated sleeping outside our matrimonial home. Only for me to find out that he was having an affair with the lady that gave he the job. since that day, when i called him, he don't longer pick up my calls and he nothing since to come out good. Yet my husbands just still keep on seeing the lady. Until I met a very good friend of my who was also having a similar problem, who introduced me to a very good love spell caster. But i told her that if it has to do with things that i am not interested, but she said that it has nothing to do with pay first. but the only thing he was ask to do was just to go and buy the items to cast the spell, and that was what she did. And she gave me the spell caster e-mail address and phone number. When i contacted him, i was so surprise when he said that if i have the faith that i will get my husband back in the nest three [3] day, and off which it was really so. but i was so shock that i did not pay any thing to Dr John Yi Yi but my husband was on his knells begging me and the children for forgiveness. This testimony is just the price i have to pay. This man Prophet Dr John Yi Yi is good and he is the author of my happiness. His e-mail address: [email protected] 

Name: HOW I GOT MY EX BACK TO ME | Date: Sep 10th, 2012 6:40 AM
My Name is Mrs WILSON I was married to my husband for 10 years and we were both bless with two children, living together as one love, until 2012 when things was no longer the way it was [ when he lost his job ]. But when he later gets a new job 6 months after, he stated sleeping outside our matrimonial home which really makes me crazy. Only for me to find out that he was having an affair with the lady that gave him the job. since that day, when i called him, He don't longer pick up my calls, He do not behave how he use to be before he got the job from the lady that he was having an affair with,I have also questioned him on this particular issues several times to please stop all this that what he is doing to me that is causing me to loose my temper and patient, Yet my husbands just still keep on seeing the lady. Until I met a very good friend of mine who was also having a similar problem years back, Who introduced me to a very good love spell caster,When my friend told me about this spell caster i ask her which one is he talking about,That i have used like two spell casters online that are fake.She explained to me that yes that there are really fake spell casters online that are just there to rip off someones money without giving out good result that THIS VERY PARTICULAR SPELL CASTER THAT I AM TELLING YOU ABOUT WAS INTRODUCED TO ME BY THE PRESIDENT OF AMERICA,COS HE IS MY COUSIN.The president directed me to him and gave me his contact that he is a very great spell caster that has helped him solve internal and external problems of his home and also of this country. But i told her that if it has to do with things that i am not interested, but she said that it has nothing to do with pay first. but the only thing she was ask to do when the president gave her the contact was just to go and buy the items to cast the spell,And if you can not get this items,It will only cost you just $150 dollars to like $300 dollars which you will have to send to him via western union or any means he require you to get this charges to him to get material needed to cast the spell this was what i did to get my man on track when he was doing something like this me in the year 2011.I quickly ask her on how i am going to get to this very great and reliable spell caster and also i did not forget the country he was from,She to me that this great spell caster that is so reliable and unique is from NIGERIA.she gave me the spell caster e-mail address and phone number. When i contacted him, i was so surprise when he said that if i have the believe in him and also i have faith that directed me to him that i will get my husband back in the nest three [3] day that i should just relax my mind as everything will go well,He told me to just put my mind at rest that nobody has ever come to him for help and go the same way he or she came.That he will want to first of all assure me that in the next 1,2,3,to 4 days that my husband must and will call me on phone begging and come home to me and go down on his knees and will be begging for forgiveness and even will get a gift to make the reunion sweet.He also told me that his spell casting is forever that there will be no break up again and also that the spell do not have any side effect but just to make you get what you want.Really my people in the world that will stop by to read my story,Or to those that need a very good spell caster,All the process went well and as he assured me and my husband was fully back on track and love me like never before.So i am out here to extend my thanks firstly to my friend that introduce me to him and also a very big thanks and more thanks to DrJohn Yi Yi. This testimony is what i can only do for him by sharing it to other people to contact the right spell caster online and not to fall into the hands of those scammers that has used spell to start collecting money from individuals that need help without any sort of result.This man Called Dr John Yi Yi is good,great,durable,reliable and he helps those that will not also complete charges to get materials needed to cast spell and he is the author of my happiness and Joy. His e-mail address is as follow: [email protected] AGAIN HIS EMAIL ADDRESS IS: [email protected] 

Name: HOW I GOT MY EX BACK TO ME | Date: Sep 10th, 2012 6:45 AM
I recently have a good luck spell cast on me by Dr. John Yi Yi and I want anyone to tell me how it use to work because still I had this spell cast on me different companies has been coming to me for me to work with them and I do not really know which of the companies is the right one for me and I’m so happy because since last 7months I lost my job and I have been looking for job and I was unable to get one for myself till I had this spell cast on me so is there anyone that can advice me on which of the companies that is right for me? And I also thank Dr. John Yi Yi for his help too anyone in need of help with spell I will advise you to contact him on this email: [email protected] 

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