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My six year old son's father and I were together almost 7 years when we parted ways three years ago. After our seperation he walked away from our son and monetary responsibilities as well. My little boy cries regularly and retells fond memories of his daddy, over the past year they have spoken only once and we have no contact information for him. Apparently he just doesn't care to be a part of his son's life. Child support has been trying to locate him for over two years now, unsuccessfully... Anyhow, my main concern is for my son's well being and his broken heart. He is involved in the YMCA for after school care while I work, and he also participates in flag football and basketball where he gets some male interaction from the coaches, however seeing the other little boys playing with their fathers just tears him up inside. Its so unfair, he did nothing wrong, he doesn't deserve to be hurting the way he is, waiting to hear from his father who may never reach out to him again. What can be said to a child who loves their absent parent when the absent parent shows them no love in return? Do I cover for his father to spare my boy's feeling by saying that "he's busy but he loves you"? What is the right thing to do? His sadness seems to be worsening, he's crying more often than ever lately.
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