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Hello, I Have a 7 week old wonderfull baby girl i would do any and everything for her! But im always thinking what would my life be with out her? why did i have her. I wish things would go back to normel. It makes me feel like the worst parent in the world. and yet the thoughts continue to go through my head. I was wondering if im the only one out there feeling like this and how can deal with the feelings better? I have thought about talking to my dr about PPD, but then i always think im to strong to have that and go on with my day. Any advice?
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Name: justabitlonelynow | Date: Feb 5th, 2011 3:56 AM
Hi, I have been reading a few of the posts on this forum, but I felt compelled to reply to you, Don't feel like the worst parent in the world as all parents do feel that way sometimes. I know how you do feel because I constantly think that i'm not good enough for my children and I always think that they deserve better than me, but I know that there is nowhere else that they would rather be and your new baby girl feels the same way. Wanting things to go back to normal, the way things were before you had the baby is totally normal too. A baby is so much hard work, and sometimes they make you crave the freedom you had before they came along. I really do know how you feel. But I bet when you look into her eyes, you can't help but melt, and know that its all worth it. I know that its hard and sometimes a friend is all that is needed. Someone that you can say anything to, and not be worried about what they think because I know thats what I need at the moment. Maybe a visit to the doctor would be a good thing for you, and just because your a strong person it doesnt mean that you can't feel down about things. I know this from experience. and remember, the doctor probably has hundreds of new mums walking through the door, telling them exactly the same thing as you. They are there to help you. And if you need a friend, a none judgemental person, then although this is my first post and you prob think its a bit strange then I am here for you to talk to. I have got two girls, so i know what you going through. But dont worry. You are completely normal xx 

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