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I am 17, pregnant..and my boyfriend has a new girlfriend..the bad part is..i still love him with all my heart..and he has said before that he wants to work it out with me..he has even kissed me before..like a real love kiss..while he was with that girl...she doesn't care about him and is a lot older...just using him..she has changed him so much for the worst...the only thing she hasn't changed is his feelings for the baby..but he stays away..and when I do see him..he is concerned..and he acts like he does love me...he'll hug me..and i can't explain it but...he wouldn't let go of me..like he didn't want to leave but was being pulled away or something...he never gets to speak for himself anymore..it is always her speaking for him..I really don't know what to do anymore..he acts like he doesn't want to be with her..yet...he spends every waking moment with her...but still complains...and i can't get my parents to understand why i still love him and want to work things out with him...i want a family with him and the baby,,,i really need someone to talk to..
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