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Well let's start off by saying Iam 20 Years old Naive and Stupid. I was in Love with this man who I loved more then myself. I knew he was married but I was aware that they were seperated, I mean he was living with me for a Year in my house, he actually put me in my house, and was coming home with me everynight and waking up with me every morning. He kept telling me that he couldnt leave his wife because she would take his little girl from him. So I gave him time. I felt like I could trust him, I didnt think no other man could ever love me as much as he did. He promised me things and never broke a Promise. In August I found out that I was Pregnant, when I told him he dissappeared and went back to his wife. Now Iam 10 weeks he's living with her and left me with nothing or no one. I mean I literally gave up my whole life for this guy, because thats all I wanted was him and nothing else he made me feel like he was the only thing that I needed. I didn't think it was fair, I couldnt handle it. He was coming in and out of my life like I never was there. So my mother couldnt stand to see me the way I have been so she called his wife and told her everything. Once she found out she was in shock, and believed everything he said of course he denied it. Telling her that the baby isint his, and that he never slept with me. She told me that She will Never Divorce her Husband, and my child will be a bastard because she will not allow my child in his life. I was expecting that, being as stubborn as she was, she came to my house twice caught him there and thought nothing of it. I didnt even want him to be back, I just want him to have nothing like he did to her and me... But I guess it isint going to be like that. Iam scared and I don't know what else to do. I dont have a stable place to live, and I don't have a stable support system, but I just want to be the best mother in the world to my child. But iam scared..and I dont know what to do...If You could help me out...It will be Greatly Appreciated!!!
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Name: Laura | Date: Oct 5th, 2007 2:17 PM
That sucks, Men are so stupid ok,if you are gonna have this baby your gonna need to get it together. first go to your church, get a place to live then ask them to help you get a decent job, while you still can work, save as much as you can , you'll need it. He will have to pay child support no matter what even if you have to get a paternity test do it! on the other side if yiou realy can't handle all this consider an open adoption, Thats where you still get to be part of your baby's life but someone else is suppoprting and caring for the baby its very cool my friend Donna did it and its been great for her anyway, email me [email protected] 

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