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Hi all, let me first tell you a little bit about my past. Dated this guy off and on since the summer. I can't be on the pill because it makes me sick (I have tried every brand out there, even low-dose ones), so we were using protection, but it broke. I told him I was pregnant and he wanted me to have an abortion. I told him that I was not doing that and he bailed. He agreed to sign off on birth rights as well. He absolutely wants nothing to do with it and I have not spoken to him since.

My question is, should I date or should I wait (I am only 2mos preggers)? I know all the comments about how I will be emotional and hormonal, but is it possible? Are there good men out there who can forgive the past and look to the future? Honestly, I'm not lonely because I have an awesome support of friends and family who will love my child unconditionally. I was just caught off guard that a man wanted to take me on a date....
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Name: PkyNky | Date: Jan 30th, 2009 6:27 AM
I say go for it. Even though you're pregnant, that doesn't mean you have to stop your life. If you get into a relationship with one person again, there will come a time that you'll wan to tell him you're pregnant, but don't worry about that until that person comes along. Some guys will run, but some are willing to stick around to be with you regardless. Good luck! 

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