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Okay, i know that this is going to sound so confusing, and this is honestly my first time being in one of these sites, but i Seriously need advice now.
Okay to start off i have a 4 year old son, He is my world, but 5 months ago i met this wounderful guy, and he has a 4 year old daughter as well, when we frist started hanging out neither of us talked to our kid's other parent, and neither of us were looking for something seriouse, but we both feel for each other and then word got out that we were hanging out his daughters mom stepped in and is forever wanting to see her daughter after like a year of not being there, and my sons dad stepped in after not being there for 3 years, after the other parents stepped in and things started falling apart, and I really dont know somedays he acts like he is playing mind games and others its like he wants to be with me and just recently i found out that i am pregnant, i haven't told him directly because he always said he would freak out, i have hinted at it and everytime something like that comes up he's like "Great now my life is ruined", Like i ruined it. I Guess i really dont know what to do anymore, i love the guy, but im not sure anymore!
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